Private Medical School Scholarships

There are many private organizations from which you can seek financial help to fund your studies at a medical school. These organizations usually have funds specifically for medical school students. You may also apply for scholarships and grants that address all graduate students, but applying for an award directed only at medical students would increase your chances of getting one. Here are some scholarships only for medical school students and given out by private organizations.

A non-public scholarship program that offers financial assistance to medical school students only is the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Scholarship Program. The foundation aims at reducing health inequalities especially by increasing the capacity of community-based health care workers. For this purpose, they provide grants to current medical school students in addition to other health care professionals. You must keep in mind that an application to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Scholarship Program is possible if it is realized through the school you are attending.

Another private organization that offers scholarships to medical school students is Medical Interpreting and Translating Institute Online Foundation. The foundation offers two $1,000 scholarships to students seeking a career in health care. It is especially bilingual students to whom the scholarships are awarded, which makes the foundation stand out among others.

Catching the Dream or Native American Scholarship Fund is another foundation which is there to help medical school students who are in need of financial aid to continue their education. As its name suggests as well, the scholarship is for Native college students. What makes this fund different from others is the help it provides to its potential applicants. The fund assists students to find other funds that may provide them with financial aid, helps them with their application procedure and tries to make this whole process much easier than it would have been without the help of the fund. Of course, this help is provided to Indians for them to acquire a better position in the society by improving their educational opportunities. You should also note that the school the applicant is attending needs to have been recognized by the state for the student to be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

American Medical Associationis also a useful source of scholarships for medical students. The American Medical Association Foundation is the institution within this association that offers scholarships. AMA Foundation Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship is awarded to 4th year medical students based on either financial need or academic achievement. If you are coming from a minority background, you can also be eligible to apply for AMA Foundation Minority Scholars Award. It is also necessary to be in the 2nd or 3rd year of study to apply for this scholarship. There are a variety of other scholarships of this association that medical students should not miss out.

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