Penis Health Risks of Performance-Enhancing Substitutes

Can performance-enhancing substitutes have an effect on a healthy penis? That’s a topic that many men have strong feelings about. With these substitutes in the news frequently in regard to their use in professional sports and among muscle-building enthusiasts, it’s a good idea to look at the facts. After all, when talking about factors that can impact penis health, it benefits a guy to have good information.

What are they?

The substances known as performance-enhancing substitutes are a category of synthetic medical compounds. The substances in this category are created to mimic male sex hormones and were developed as a means of helping boys suffering from late pubertal development, as well as helping patients with physically debilitating diseases (such as cancer or AIDS) increase their available muscle. Used appropriately, they can have a positive impact on patients and their quality of life.

Unfortunately, these substances are not always used appropriately. Sports figures and bodybuilders who use these substances merely to “bulk up,” rather than for legitimate medical uses, run the risk of harming both their general health and their penis health.

How do they work?

When a person is weight lifting or engaging in similar muscle-building exercises, the activity causes microscopic tears in muscle tissue. When the tear heals, aided by testosterone, it adds a tiny bit more mass. Over time, this mass builds up, creating the larger, toned musculature that bodybuilders and athletes desire.

All of this is a natural process, but it takes a considerable amount of time. Using a performance-enhancing substitute speeds up the process considerably, which is why these substances are so attractive to those seeking a more muscular body.

These synthetic materials may also be used by men for reasons other than “bulking up” fast. For example, because these materials mimic testosterone, and because testosterone plays a role in the development of the penis during puberty, some men may use these substitutes in the hope that it can increase the size of their penises.

What’s the problem?

Use of substances such as this is not allowed in professional sports, as it is thought that this gives the user an unfair advantage over competitors. However, a more pressing concern is the effect that abuse of these materials can have on a man’s health.

All drugs carry with them some risk of side effects, even when properly prescribed and administered. Performance-enhancing substances are no different, and the fact that they are often administered in levels far above what is considered medically appropriate raises the chance that complications will occur.

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