Papa Johns Still Has Some of the Best Lunch Options

Lunch is an interesting meal. In a lot of cases, it a chance to slow down from a busy day. However, it can also be something that you squeeze in with little thought whenever you can. Sadly, too few people are truly enjoying their lunches. Fortunately, if you check out Papa John’s lunch deals, you will have some good reasons to be excited for your next lunch. Before you take out your phone to search for “lunch deals near me,” check out the Papa John’s lunch menu.

What Lunch Deals You Should Consider Buying This Holiday Season

The holiday season is perhaps the best time to order something hot and shareable for lunch. First, the weather outside is frightful. Second, ‘tis the season to enjoy time with friends and family. What better way to celebrate than with good food and good company?

If you order from Papa John’s, you will find some great options for lunch. This includes pizzas, wings, garlic knots, breadsticks, Papadias and desserts. The Papadias are an increasingly popular choice for lunch. They are half pizza and half sandwich. You can choose between grilled buffalo, Italian, barbeque chicken, Philly cheesesteak and meatball pepperoni.

All these foods are delicious and easy to share with a group. Many of the foods on the menu, especially the pizzas, are highly customizable. If you need some gluten-free pizza specials, that is no problem. In short, you can get exactly what you want for lunch when you order from Papa John’s.

Pizza Specials You Should Be Having for Lunch

Another great reason to choose Papa John’s is the specials they offer. There are so many ways to save.

Perhaps the simplest option for saving money on your lunch is to check out the current specials. These vary by location and time. However, you can expect to get deals when you order a few pizzas or add some sides and drinks to your meal. You can expect to see some limited-time specials during the holiday season.

You can also save big when you join the rewards program. Papa John’s offers Papa Dough with every purchase. This can add up quickly until you can get free pizzas and more. If you like pizza, you should use this reward program to save money.

The brand also sends out emails and text messages with special promotions. This is another way to save extra money on your order. Given that pizza is already a good deal when ordering for a group, taking advantage of all these promotions and discounts from Papa John’s will help you have a very merry holiday season.

Order Your Next Lunch

Are you thinking about searching for lunch near me? Put Papa John’s on the top of your list for your next lunch. Whether you are planning a meal with your loved ones or want something hot and delicious all for yourself, you can be sure to find something to love. Plus, the pizza restaurant brand offers so many deals, your wallet will appreciate the choice too. Check out the app or website and place your order.

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