Mistakes That Beginner Vapers Make


While you explore all the available options and discover which one’s are the best for you, you must follow some basic rules to avoid having bad experiences in vaping such as the taste of burning, dry mouth, a very strong throat blow, among others.

Here are the top mistakes that rookie vapers make and how to avoid them:

Select The Wrong E-Liquid

A few beginner vapers will choose to buy an e-liquid and Ijoy vape just because it looks pretty, but getting carried away by the appearance of the packaging is a serious mistake.

Not only is it important to select an e-liquid with a taste that you like, identify the PG / VG ratio that is most convenient for you, and the appropriate nicotine level will guarantee you a better experience when you vape.

For example, opting for e-liquids high in VG will give you a softer throat bump, they are indispensable for creating clouds and are more suitable for high power devices because they are less dense.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a strong blow to the throat, that is, a draft more similar to that of the analogous cigarette, then you will need to use a higher proportion of PG. However, you should consider that this type of liquids can produce greater dryness in the throat.

Buy A Wrong Personal Vaporizer

Nowadays you can buy electronic cigarettes in many places; they are available in tobacconists, kiosks and electronic stores. However, these establishments generally do not have any knowledge about vaping; they sell these products as if they were convenience products, and they are not.

One of the advantages of vaping is that it creates a pleasant customizable experience, but for this, you must choose the electronic cigarette and the ideal liquid. In addition to the wide variety of flavours of e-liquids on the market, there are many types of vaporizers, for beginners or advanced, some are ideal for quitting smoking, can produce a lot or little steam, some allow you to perceive more intensely the taste, the Battery life, and these are just some of the factors to consider before buying a device.

The first impression of vaping is very important. Don’t play it! If you buy any device without considering important factors what can happen is that you have a bad experience, you will think that vaping is not as good as people say, and you will continue smoking. Or you will have to spend more money replacing your initial pot with one that meets your needs.

Therefore, we recommend purchasing specialized products such as where we will advise and guide you so that you have the best vaping experience possible.

Burn Resistance

Many beginners and not-so beginners ignore a very important rule, soak up the new resistance and wait for it to be absorbed before taking the first drag. Put a few drops to the resistance and give it a few minutes before vaping, so you will avoid burning it.

Another important fact is that the useful life of the resistors is not eternal. Some beginners use it for a long time and as a result, they find the unpleasant taste of burning. There is no general rule about the recommended time to change the resistance, this will depend on the frequency of vaping, but on average you will have to change it every 2 or 3 weeks. You should also check this website https://www.worldvaping.com/brands/vgod/ for best vaping brands.

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