Learn about how fermented tea is made?

A lot of people know and a lot of people don’t know about fermented tea [ชา หมัก, which is the term in Thai]. But many people know about kombucha tea. That is because many people are consuming it. And, it is only because it has many beneficial effects on the body. It fights with a lot of diseases. And, also helps the body to improve the immune system. So, fermented tea is the same thing. In simple words, the other name of fermented tea is kombucha tea. There are many other names also but these two are mostly used name.

So, fermented tea is made up of tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. The kombucha refers to the colony of bacteria and yeast. That is why people also call it kombucha mushroom tea. But it is not made up from mushroom. So, the tea and sugar are mixed with the colony of bacteria and yeast. After that, the fermentation process starts. When it is finished the result will have vinegar, vitamin B and other chemical compounds that are good for health. This is how fermented tea is made.

Why it is important for health?

Everyone knows that the body has to fight with a lot of diseases every day. So, the body needs to keep the immune system strong. If the immune system of the body is weak then any disease can enter the body. And, fermented tea helps the body to keep the immune system stronger. That is why everyone needs to start using fermented tea. Only for their body and their healthy brain.

Don’t go for cheap fermented tea

In the market, one can also find cheap fermented tea manufactured by some fraud companies. It is better to keep away from such companies. Because it will give adverse effect on the body. So, only buy genuine fermented tea from good companies.