Join an EMS Fitness Studio

Do you want to cut down on the amount of time that you have to work out and still get the same results? You can do just that with two twenty-minute sessions with electrical muscle stimulation. This will give you the same benefits as you would get in three ninety-minute workouts. Working out in an EMS fitness studio can help you get fit and save you a significant period of time.

Your brain sends an electrical impulse to the muscles that you need to use to accomplish some sort of work, such as, say, picking up a pen. The muscles contract and do what you want them to do. With EMS, your muscles are externally stimulated so you get more physical benefit when you exercise than if you worked out without the EMS system.

EMS fitness supports you by contracting your muscles from the outside. Your body is worked out through contractions from electrical stimulation in a body suit with electrodes that stimulate your muscles by sending a low level of electrical stimulation to the muscles. The level of electricity used is not harmful.

The EMS system empowers you to work out some muscles that don’t normally get worked out in a typical gym routine. You get a more complete and deeper workout than if you exercise without the EMS system. This type of workout is very effective.

The EMS suit has twenty pads that are placed on 10 large paired muscles that are important for movement. Working with a personal trainer, you’ll exercise the muscles connected to the EMS pads. You’ll get stronger and more toned with shorter training times when the EMS system helps you contract many muscles.

The EMS system uses the body’s electrical signal pathways to stimulate muscle contraction. There is a nerve, not a muscle, connection in this situation, so your muscles aren’t shocked into spasms.

Your trainer will help you train harder and faster, and you can even focus your workout on specific muscle groups instead of the entire body. You’ll also be able to work out muscles that don’t normally get much exercise, such as the muscles along your spine in an EMS training studio. You’ll save time working out in an EMS fitness studio, and you can reach your training goals much faster without overworking your joints, which is critical as you train.

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