Integration of IT in healthcare

Healthcare sector has evolved a lot with Information technology playing a major role. With the help of the advanced technologies such as Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Internet of Medical Things, it has become easier for the doctors to keep a track of the patient records, suggesting timely cure and various other services. 

Let’s have a look at the recent technology advancements and Healthcare IT Support segment:

Great strides in medical space

Internet of Medical Things is one of the advancements and essentially means the infrastructure that includes the connected medical devices, software applications, and sensors and so on. These devices are connected together and are used for various functions such as running diagnostics, testing, monitoring and so on. There have been great strides made in the space with devices such as biosensors and so on that can give information to the doctor about the health status of the patient in day to day life. 

Another technology that is making waves in the medical industry is Electronic Health Record enabling the patients and the doctors to have safe and permanent access to the data. This in particular is useful for the doctors who deal in chronic disease, patients with medical history, cardiac waveforms and so on. Not only the technology helps in keeping an up to date track of the medical data of the patients but also brings down the paperwork. 

Since the data plays an important role in healthcare space today, new challenges such as data integrity and security also arise. One technology that is becoming quite popular is Blockchain technology by ensuring the participation of the patient in the healthcare ecosystem. A lot of fitness apps have also come into picture helping the users to keep track of their daily routine. 

Technology has made it very simple to store, track and take an action on the data and it is being used with great precision in the medical space. 

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