Hydration habits are supposed to be incorporated after weight loss surgery

Hydration habits are supposed to be incorporated after weight loss surgery

No matter what’s your fitness level after bariatric surgery in Mexico, Hydration is essential for quick revival. More than 50 percent of our body is water. There will be a lack of performance if our body does not attain enough water. It can lead to issues like dehydration.

How to stay hydrated after bariatric surgery?

  1. Drink 64 ounces of water

Having 64 ounces of water in the post-surgery period would be enough. It is a good idea to take small sips of water every 15 minutes. Try not to fill the stomach with excess water as your tummy’s size is small, and it requires time to heal. You must start your day with small sips. After few weeks of your bariatric surgery in Mexico, you can increase the fluid quantity.

  1. Avoid caffeinated drinks and sodas

If your morning begins with a cup of tea or coffee, then you need to stop for a while. Drinks like coffee and tea are rich in high caffeine, which is not good for digestion in the post-surgery phase—your ability to digest foods and drinks changes due to surgical weight loss. Certain types of bariatric surgeries restrict the nutrients that are absorbed by the body. Caffeinated drinks are very much responsible for making nutrient absorptiontougher. Problems such as gastric reflux are possible to take place due to excessive intake of caffeine.

  1. Carry a water bottle

Next time when you go out of the house, carry a water bottle along with you. It would be helping in fulfilling your daily water requirement. Even if you are at home, there should be a bottle filled with water around you. Purchase a bottle from the nearby store if you do not have one in your house.

  1. Do not prefer ice

Ice is quite refreshing, but it can give you brain freeze too. Specialists suggest the bariatric patient to go for cold water instead of ice.

  1. Say no to alcohol

Alcohol can bring so many adverse effects to a bariatric patient. Once you have shown immense dedication towards your hydration plan, you can taste alcohol once a week.

Final verdict

We hope that all the points that we have discussed above made your hydration activity a bit secure. You can explore more to get relevant info for free on the topic- how to keep your body hydrated after bariatric surgery.