Health benefits of natural birth

The wonderful experience of birth can often be destroyed by the routine practice of medicine. In our society giving pain relief during labor is so normal that most medical professionals think that every mother going through delivery expect it. But natural birth has many benefits which every woman of childbearing age should be aware of.


So let’s dive into our article today that reveals all the insightful details about the benefits of natural birth.


The benefit of natural birth: shorter labor


Using pain relief or other methods often interfere with the body’s natural way of laboring. During labor or delivery, the usage of pain reliefs can cause slower contraction. After the medicine starts taking effect, the mother often can’t feel their contractions. So they don’t understand when they have to push. To shorten the laboring process, you have to push at the key times with adequate strength. If the mother doesn’t use pain relief during delivery, she can work with the rhythm of her body and shorten the labor.

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Faster recovery is possible through natural birth:


Natural birth can ensure faster recovery as no numbing drugs and needles were used during the labor. After the delivery, if the mother desires, she can get up, walk around or even take a shower. During labor, endorphins are released in the body. This helps the mother to stay calm as endorphins work like pain relieving medicine. So the woman who goes through natural birth can stay calmer as they release more endorphins than the mother who uses pain relief.


Natural birth makes breastfeeding easy:


Pain reliefs that are taken during delivery can be passed on to the baby through breastfeeding. This interferes with their intake suckling behavior. It’s also quite natural for a baby to have difficulty with latching on or have uncoordinated swallow or suck response for hours or days as they are exposed to an epidural at childbirth.


After a natural birth, it’s natural for a baby to be more alert and show an interest in breastfeeding. But their heightened interest in breastfeeding can be hampered if pain reliefs are used during the delivery because they might seem to be slightly “drugged”.


Natural birth leads to a healthier baby and a healthier mom:


If a mother is exposed to pain reliefs during labor, they often can’t feel the contractions due to the effect of the medicines. In this situation, they are usually given Pictocin drip or uterine stimulant to speed up the contractions. For using the uterine stimulant, the resulting contractions occur much faster and stronger than before. Leaving the mother with less time to recover between them. So the fetus may receive less oxygen. This also increases the chances of fever. But all of these can be avoided if the mother goes through natural birth.


Bottom line:


Most importantly, being able to endure the extreme pain of labor and successfully making it through, empowers a woman. It helps her to be confident and less fearful of handling any other life-threatening challenge later in life. Additionally, natural birth helps the mother to connect with their body and their baby profoundly. Thus, natural birth empowers a mother to play her new role as a caretaker of a new being confidently.

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