Hand Hygiene And Other Travel Tips To Keep You And Your Family Safe

Traveling together is one of the most memorable family bonding experiences you can have. Certainly, it’s not all glitz and glamor — but at the end of the day, you’re sure to create and share memories that can last a lifetime.

Don’t Get Lost

It is evident that while travelling you need to know where you are at all times. You need to have a sense of direction wherever you will be going. To be completely safe, especially when you are travelling with your family it is important to always bring a map with you. Luckily these days you can simply use apps such as maps.me to easily navigate through any location in the world giving you all the direction you need.

Hygiene is Key

While traveling is mostly about visiting your dream tourist spots or eating popular cuisines, it does not give you an excuse to forget about proper hygiene. In fact, it should be one of your highest properties. After all, the public spaces you’ll go to are sure to contain millions of germs. So from having a hand sanitizer to assessing the room where you’ll be staying, we’ve rounded up seven essential travel hygiene tips to keep you and your family safe.

Always keep your hands clean. Whether you’re traveling or not, observing proper hand hygiene (a.k.a. Washing your hands often) should be a habit. Now, if you’re going to foreign and public places, this hygienic practice becomes even more relevant as your hands can pick up more germs and you become more at risk of getting infected.

Bring all essential personal care items. When packing, one of the things you should focus on is your family’s hygiene kit. It should include all the basic items — from the ever-reliable hand sanitizer (which you can use while on the go) to your bathroom essentials (it’s wiser to you your own toothbrush than the hotel-provided one) to menstruation pads (in case someone in your family is currently or going to be in her period).

Take basic medications wherever you go. Travelers are advised to observe proper hygiene to keep themselves safe from germs (that are virtually everywhere). Apart from taking all the necessary personal care kits with you, it’s important to also pack basic medications as you’ll never know when fever or diarrhea or other illnesses will strike. Weeks before your trip, it also pays to get viral vaccines and immunizations.

Check the room where you will be staying. Your lodging is an important aspect of your travel. It shouldn’t only be easily accessible and comfortable to stay at — it should first and foremost be safe and clean. Hire the hotel’s cleaning services but don’t forget to take an active part in keeping the room tidy (e.g. Making your bed).

Wash daily and observe personal hygiene. If it’s a more than a day-long trip, keep yourself fresh and clean by taking baths daily — once in the morning before you go out and another in the evening after you’ve rested well from doing the things on your to-do list for the trip. Keep your breath fresh by brushing and flossing. And take advantage of your hand sanitizer and use it whenever necessary.

Pack enough clothes for your trip. Pack lightly but make sure your clothes are enough for the whole trip (if you’re not planning to do laundry while you’re on vacation). Make sure to also bring a separate bag for your dirty clothes.

Mind your trash. From your hotel room to your travel destinations, you should always throw your trash in the trash bin. This is an effective way of helping stop the spreading of germs, which can take residence, especially in dirty things.

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