Cosmetic Eye Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

Each year, people get cosmetic surgeries of all types. In a single calendar year, patients received close to 2 million cosmetic surgeries.

You’ve probably heard of people getting breast jobs or lipo, but perhaps you didn’t know that skilled medical professionals also offer cosmetic eye surgeries.

Below you can learn more about cosmetic eye surgery, why people get it, and what you should know about the procedure. 

What is Comestic Eye Surgery?

So first things first, what exactly is cosmetic eye surgery? This is a cosmetic surgery that is essentially an eyelid lift.

With an eyelid lift, you get more of a youthful and exuberant look to your eyes. Different people have different imperfections to fix with cosmetic eye surgery, so the type that you receive will depend on personal preferences and doctor recommendations.

What You Should Consider Before Opting for a Procedure

Before you run out and get cosmetic eye surgery, it’s important to learn the ins and outs of the procedure. Here are some of the most important matters to consider:

1. How the Surgery is Done and What It Accomplishes

Get an understanding of what happens during cosmetic eye surgery.

Since your eyelids are areas of your face that have thin skin, they are often the first area where aging begins to show up. In order to get rid of wrinkles, bags, and crow’s feet, your surgeon can stretch the skin, make incisions, shape the skin around your eyes, and otherwise improve your appearance using a variety of other techniques.

While this is a cosmetic procedure, these medical professionals will also consider the function of your eyes so that you can see clearly and comfortably like normal.

2. Whether This Surgery is for You or Not

Talk to your primary care physician if you’re thinking about getting cosmetic eye surgery. The doctor will gauge your overall health and assess whether you’re healthy or not enough to have this surgery.

You are a candidate for cosmetic eye surgery if you don’t smoke and don’t have any pre-existing conditions that might make it difficult for your eyes and skin to heal. You should definitely stay away from this surgery if you have any serious eye problems.

Check your mental health before going into this procedure so that your expectations are managed and realistic.

3. Weigh Your Many Different Options

Once you know you are a candidate for cosmetic eye surgery, begin exploring your options. This will usually involve getting upper eyelid surgery or lower eyelid surgery. Many people also get cosmetic eye surgery in conjunction with facelifts and procedures.

A cosmetic professional will let you know which areas of your eyelids need the most work and can make changes that allow your beauty to shine through.

4. Talk to a Professional That Handles These Cosmetic Procedures

When you speak to a cosmetic eye surgery professional, you’ll get the chance to ask them several questions after you’ve done your research. Just talking to a professional can really put your mind at ease and get you excited about this procedure.

They will walk you through before and after pictures of people who have gotten cosmetic eye surgery so you can set some goals and explore what’s possible. These professionals will assist you in imagining what you could look like and help you plan for a surgery that will make this dream a reality.

Companies like Avant Aesthetics handle cosmetic procedures of all kinds. Prepare for this procedure by taking advantage of a free consultation. 

5. Find Out About the Cost and Preliminary Information

Expect cosmetic eye surgery to cost in the range of $3,000 or so. 

Talk to your potential surgeon and ask them about payment options and whether you have to foot the bill completely upfront.

Many clinics will help you by arranging payment plans that work with your budget.

In most situations, you won’t be able to pay for this surgery with your medical insurance. However, if you’re getting this cosmetic surgery as the result of an accident or other purely medical circumstance, this may be included in your plan.

6. Schedule the Procedure and Time Off

In general, you can expect to take a week or two to heal after getting cosmetic eye surgery. As such, it’s great that you take time off from work.

Arrange for paid time off when at all possible and make sure that your home is properly cleaned and stocked with food before scheduling the surgery. This way, you will be able to rest and relax with all of your needs addressed.

7. Understand What to Expect From the Healing Process

During this process of healing, you will deal with some swelling and bruises. You might feel some pain and will definitely feel soreness for at least the first several days.

Your eyelids might hurt and will feel tight once the procedure is healing due to the swelling. Prop your head up with some pillows when you go to sleep and invest in an ice pack mask that you can use several times per day.

Do Your Research on This Cosmetic Surgery

After reading through these points, perhaps you’d like to put cosmetic eye surgery on your priority list. 

When you have the help of sophisticated cosmetic doctors that are the best at what they do, you’ll feel comfortable moving forward with this procedure.

Never hesitate to make such a change if you feel like it’ll improve your quality of life.

Come back for more information on how to look great while taking care of your health and fitness. 

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