Confused in Picking the Right Nicotine Level for Vaping? Here are the Tips!

Vaping has emerged as an extremely popular trend over the last few years and will be on the rise for many years to come. While vaping doubters and casual observers tend to confuse vaping with smoking, the fact is that there is a big difference between vapor and smoke. Smoke and vapor are nothing alike.

But have you ever thought about the amount of nicotine that you must use in your vape juice? How to determine the right amount of nicotine to use in e cigarette? Novice vapers and veterans, read on to get answers of the most common questions that might be popping in your head. You should know that the nicotine levels in vape juice differ with products, so, your tolerance for nicotine should be the thing that you must think of at the first place.

Why does Nicotine Level matter when Vaping?

If you are looking to replace smoking with vaping, nicotine level should be considered for:

  • Nicotine level must match what you were actually getting from cigarettes; else you are likely not to prefer vaping.
  • Perception of vaping should reflect that of smoking cigarettes. If you want the same throat hit like a cigarette, nicotine level should be enough to give you the sensation like that of smoking a cigarette.

Ex-smokers looking for an alternative to their smoking habits and also want to get the right hit that they feel comfortable with. Nicotine is highly addictive and hence, it is very important to curb your craving of a cigarette. So when you find the right nicotine level, you will more likely to prefer vaping. And finally, you will be a real ex-smoker.

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Nicotine Vaping and Smoking: Are they same?

It is the vaping juice that provides your body the nicotine that you get from smoking, by inhaling and this is where the similarities end, however.

Amount of Nicotine in E-juice

There is no fixed strength for vape juice and to know about the vape levels, the amount of nicotine is considered in milligrams per millimeter. The strength of nicotine varies from lowest nicotine e-liquid i.e. zero to 36 mg per millimeter. At times, the strength is determined by percentage. For instance, 18 milligrams will be  1.8%.

What is the right Nicotine amount in an E-juice?

Each e-cigarette manufacturer set their own individual standard when it comes to strength of e-liquid for smoking. But still have a look at the gradation:

  • 0 mg/ml– e-juice with no nicotine
  • 3 mg/ml – e-juice with lowest level of nicotine, however, ideal for those who want to reduce the amount of nicotine
  • 6 mg/ml – a good choice for people who wish to enjoy a complete e-juice taste but with low level of nicotine.
  • 12 mg/ml – for people who used to smoke 1 pack of cigarette a day
  • e18 mg/ml – for those who smoke more than 1 pack cigarettes a day
  • 24 mg/ml – this is high level of nicotine. For those who smoke more than 2 packs a day.
  • 36 mg/ml – considered as the highest level.

However, the highest nicotine vape juices nowadays are actually called nicotine salts, aka nic salt. These nicotine salts comprise of nicotine strength of up to over 50 mg per millimeter of e-juice. Though it might sound like a lot, and actually it is, but typically 1-2 puffs of these high nic e-cigarettes can help satisfy your craving for nicotine.

Your journey to identifying the right vaping nicotine level in your electronic cigarette can be sometimes exciting and frustrating as well. However the key is to proceed with an open mind, ask a lot of questions and stay completely informed. So make it fast and enjoy a smoke free life.

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