Can KIds Who Are Cancer Patients Take Medical Marijuana?

You might have heard that many children have cancer. It is said to be a horrible disease, especially if the child is very young. Around 10,000 kids worldwide are diagnosed with cancer every year, and most of them die because of this disease.

Today, due to research, scientists found some medical benefits of cannabis or using marijuana. The government allows using medical cannabis to help people with epilepsy or cancer. Are kids who are suffering from cancer allowed to use medical cannabis? If so, how young can a kid be to take it?

Before we get the answer to those questions, this is some information first about this plant.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is an Indian hemp plant that has psychoactive drugs. There are three species of the marijuana plant, namely Sativa, ruderalis, and indica. 

Each species contains different chemicals called cannabinoids. The most known cannabinoid is Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which produces a sense of euphoria in your body when you smoke it.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who are opposed to using cannabis. There are still some countries that do not allow the use of marijuana. But, many other countries do not ban the use of it, hence you can buy it from Star Buds medical dispensaries oklahoma.

Marijuana for chemotherapy patients

Cancer patients usually undergo chemotherapy as their treatment. Chemo is used to shrink tumours, but this can be very harmful to the patient’s body. Chemo is composed of chemicals that can harm everyone, even healthy people. Chemotherapy can destroy cancer cells and healthy cells too. That is why there are side effects such as vomiting and nausea, which you would not want to experience.

An interesting fact is that cannabis can treat these side effects. It helps you to get rid of nausea. Cannabis is also used by patients who are undergoing chemo to stimulate their appetite. Because cannabis can help reduce vomiting, there are high chances that the patient would not throw up after ingesting medicinal marijuana.

Can kids take marijuana?

Kids are not allowed to consume cannabis unless they have permission from their doctor. You must consult your doctor first about the benefits of using cannabis in your condition. If your doctor says that your child can take this drug, let him use it if needed.

How old should a kid be to take marijuana?

Unfortunately, there is no specific age that is set for kids who would like to take cannabis. But, it is generally advised not to give marijuana to children because this drug can affect their growth and development.

There are some THC contents in medical cannabis, so you need to be careful when using it, especially if your kid needs this drug. Your child might already have some side effects that could occur.

That is why it is crucial to consult your doctor first before using this drug.Also, ensure you buy quality products from top dispensaries near lawton Oklahoma. You have to remember that kids have sensitive bodies that might react differently to the chemicals found in cannabis. It might not be suitable for them if you just let them use medical cannabis without first checking the side effects.

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