Calm Your Anxiety With These 10 Natural Remedies

Anxiety can leave you feeling breathless and out of touch with the world. Between struggling to breathe and overthinking the smallest problems, panic attacks and anxiety disorders can make living your daily life nearly impossible. 

With all of these factors, how can you control your anxiety and cope with life?

There are plenty of ways that you can reduce your feelings of anxiety and feel more relaxed and calm. Here’s how to treat anxiety naturally in simple steps.

What Causes Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks?

Anxiety disorders come in many forms. Some people experience anxiety attacks in short bursts that go away on their own, but others may have anxiety that comes and goes throughout their lives. 

There are many potential factors for anxiety disorders and panic attacks; in fact, the exact cause of anxiety is unknown. Whether it’s trigger by a stressful or traumatic childhood event, or if the disorder is genetic, anyone can be subject to anxiety disorders.

Severe anxiety disorders can lead to more serious mental illnesses including depression. 

How to Treat Anxiety Naturally

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can improve your anxiety without the need for medication. Here are just a few natural treatments for anxiety that you can use to prevent another episode. 

Deep Breathing Exercises

Getting your mind off of what’s causing your stress will help you ground yourself. Try to focus on your breathing when you feel a panic attack coming on to stay calm, or at least to gain control of yourself. 

There are some great options for breathing exercises out there. Whether you match your breathing to a video, meditate, or just count while you breathe, getting your breathing under control is perfect for helping yourself relax. 

Chamomile Tea

It’s well known that chamomile tea is great for sleeping and easing the nerves. It’s not certain exactly why this particular brand of tea helps with relaxation, but the warmth coupled with a great taste makes drinking this tea a good way to relieve your anxiety.

Lavender Oils, Candles, or Soaps

The smell of lavender is often used for mental relief. Try adding it to your next bath or placing a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow for help with anxiety-related sleep disorders, or invest in a candle or air freshener to help you during the day.

Lavender tea can also be helpful for easing stress during the day. Make sure to either get herbal or chamomile styles, as anything caffeinated may worsen your anxiety.

Fresh Air and Sunlight

Just getting outside and enjoying some time in the sun can help boost your mood and relieve your anxiety. The vitamin D that you’re able to get while outside is a great natural anxiety-reliever, and the fresh air will help you feel better. 


It’s beneficial to your mental health to stay active and get a decent amount of exercise every week. As little as 10 minutes of walking every day can improve your mood.

This is because exercising helps your body to produce chemicals called endorphins which act as natural painkillers. They can both help you sleep better at night and relax more during the day.

Cut Down on Caffeine

Caffeine is great for getting energized, but it can come with some side effects, including raised blood pressure and feelings of anxiety. It can also affect your ability to sleep, which also increases your likelihood of developing an anxiety disorder or depression. 

If you find yourself struggling day to day with anxiety, you may have too much caffeine in your diet. Try either cutting down on your caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda, or cut them out completely to lessen your feelings of stress and anxiety.

Avoid Certain Foods and Drinks

Alcohol and too much sugar can be a recipe for disaster when dealing with anxiety. While sugar will increase your blood pressure like caffeine, alcohol works as a depressant that can worsen your anxiety and feelings of depression.

Cut down on your intake of sugary foods and drinks to improve your anxiety, and avoid alcohol to prevent feelings of depression and increased anxiety.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Certain foods are thought to reduce feelings of anxiety. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Blueberries and peaches
  • Whole-grain foods
  • Oats and other high-fiber foods
  • Foods rich in vitamin B, such as eggs, avocados, certain meats, and milk

Keeping your diet healthy will help your mind regulate itself and get rid of anxiety. Make sure to get all the vitamins and nutrients you need to improve your mental and physical wellbeing!

Get More Sleep

Many believe that a lack of sleep can trigger severe anxiety and panic attacks, so getting a healthy amount of sleep is crucial for those with anxiety disorders. 

Insomnia is often linked with anxiety disorders, so making sleep a priority will help you reduce your anxiety. If you find yourself struggling to sleep at night, there are plenty of sleep tips out there that can help you catch up on your rest. 

Talk to Your Doctor About CBD

If you need more help than simple tips can provide but don’t want to take anti-anxiety medications, then CBD may be right for you. Your doctor can provide you with CBD facts and inform you about its uses and benefits. 

CBD is thought to help your brain produce serotonin, a chemical that helps relieve stress and improve your mood. This can lessen symptoms of depression as well as anxiety. 

Be sure to talk to your doctor about CBD before taking it, as it can interfere with other medications. 

A Calmer, Happier You

Now that you know how to treat anxiety naturally, you can start living your life to the fullest again. Remember these tips the next time you feel a panic attack coming and get back to your daily life!

What have you learned? How do you usually cope with your anxiety?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Leave a comment down below, and be sure to read more of our blog for more helpful tips.

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