Are Marijuana Hangovers Real?

It is fairly likely that you have had a hangover from a night of drinking and never wanted to repeat the same results again. Marijuana is often considered a drug which does not produce the same results, but the truth is that people can be affected by marijuana the next day in much the same way that a hangover can change the way that they react to the world.

Only a few studies have been completed into the effects of marijuana but the effects of marijuana smoking can produce a residual hangover at least the day after smoking. The residual effect of smoking a bit of marijuana is quite minimal but there are some effects that can be delivered from smoking a concentrated cannabis product or large quantities of marijuana.

The symptoms of a marijuana hangover

The main symptoms of this hangover can include:



Dry eyes


Foggy brain

And more

The overall effects are quite different from that of alcohol but they could affect your overall activity levels for the day, your concentration, reaction time, and more.

Some of the best ways to fight a marijuana hangover:

Stay hydrated throughout the next day as this can help you feel more awake while reducing headaches, you can also work at getting some exercise to fight some of the brain fog. Getting some eye drops can also help with reducing discomfort from dry eyes.

If you regularly suffer from a marijuana hangover, it could be time for you to start seeking the right dose or a different strain for managing your needs. Consider contacting us today to learn more about the best types of marijuana you could be using for your ongoing experience.

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