An Overview of Breast Cancer in Men

Breast cancer is usually associated with women however men are also susceptible to it. According to statics, 1% of all the breast cancer cases occur in men. The possibility of men developing breast cancer is not unlikely because even though male chest is different from females, they do have breast tissues. Male breast resembles the breast of a pre-pubescent girl. When girls reach puberty, their breasts grow but in men, it stays undeveloped. Although, it affects less than 1% of the make population, awareness regarding male breast cancer should be raised since the stigma of this condition leaves many patients unable to seek professional help. Here is a brief overview of male breast cancer.

Is it curable?

Yes it is 100% curable unless and until the cancer has spread throughout the body and it is the last stage of cancer. There are many medicines available for its cure. When we talk about breast cancer, whether it is male or female patient, certain steroids are very helpful in its treatment. There are pharmaceutical steroids for sale available online. These steroids not only help in the treating the cancer cells but also helps in relieving pain. Even if it’s on last stage, they are helpful in making the pain more bearable.

Causes and Risk Factors

Breast cancer in females mostly occurs in the inner lining of the milk tube which is unlikely in males. Men usually develop breast cancer underneath the nipple and since cancer means the uncontrolled and undifferentiated division of cancerous cells, the breast tissue forms a hard lump, refer to as breast cancer. The exact causes of breast cancer in men as well as in women is not yet clear but certain factors are linked to its development, such as:

  • Age – it is more common in men older than 50 or 60 years of age.
  • Genetics – breast cancer in a closely related female like mother or sister increases the risk of breast cancer in men
  • Steroids – the use of steroids and increased level of estrogen hormones also causes breast cancer
  • Radiation Therapy – exposure to radiation therapy for the treatment of some other cancer also increases the risk of breast cancer development 


The primary and diagnostic symptom of breast cancer is the presence of a lump in the breast tissue. The discovery of the lump is more difficult in men since they have hard pectoral muscles. Other symptoms include pain in the breast or nipple, redness and inflammation of the breast, bloody discharge from the nipple as well as a sudden change in the size of the breast.


The treatment of male breast cancer is also similar to breast cancer in females. It depends on various factors regarding the type of tumor and its characteristics. Most common breast cancer treatment is chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological therapy and surgery. However, the most successful treatment of breast cancer in men is hormone therapy because men have more hormone receptors. More than 90% of the men recover from breast cancer through hormone therapy.

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