An Overview About 3 Kings Strain Seeds

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By the name, it may sound like a weed enthusiast’s way of giving an ode to the holiday Christmas. But it is a cannabis strain that is very powerful, strong and has been a favourite of many weed enthusiasts. It is a sativa dominant hybrid, and it does show its unique traits that make clients fall in love with this strain. Today we will be giving you an overview of the 3 Kings Strain cannabis and mention the name of the online dispensary through which you can buy 3 Kings strain seeds online

What are 3 Kings strain seeds?

3 kings strain is a hybrid that has around 70% sativa genetics. It has been a favourite for rookie and veteran weed enthusiasts alike. It is made by crossing the famous Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush together. Since it is a hybrid made by crossing not two but three different and big cannabis strains, you can only guess how powerful and jam-packed fun it will be to smoke a joint of the 3 Kings strain.

Hence it is given the name 3 kings as it is made by crossing 3 different and powerful strains of all time. When the user smokes a joint of 3 kings strain, the user feels very energetic, focussed and relaxed all of a sudden. The strain brings intense relaxation and calmness to the body. 3 kings strain is one of the very few hybrids that offer a perfect balance and effects of both the indica and the sativa genetics. 

Growth information of 3 kings strain

It is a strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors without any complications. When grown indoors, the plant can be taken for harvesting after the first 7-8 weeks. Beginners and local growers can grow this strain without much hassle and stress.

You need to remember some points while growing, and you’re good to go. You must ensure that the plant is fed huge amounts of nitrogen compost. This helps them enhance their smell and flavour. Since it grows in height, you must ensure that the new plants are ted over something to prevent them from falling over themselves. 

Medicinal uses of 3 kings strains

You might expect the 3 king strain to help you get rid of depression, anxiety and stress. If you’re expecting this and buying this strain, then you’re doing the right thing. They can help you solve some minor mental issues and help you destress every once in a while. Most people also use this in case of pain such as headaches and migraines. People who have lost an appetite after Chemotherapy or in general can benefit greatly because of its anti-inflammatory capabilities. 

In conclusion

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