7 Benefits Of Dental Implants For Seniors


Losing teeth can be attributed to several reasons. People encounter accidents or have medical conditions. It is also common to lose a tooth or two as we step into our senior years. However, this condition is easy to fix among elderly people through the use of dental implants. At Reston dental Care in Virginia, for example, filling in missing teeth with implants is a common procedure.

Here are 7 reasons why implants are beneficial for seniors:

1. Convenient

It doesn’t matter if you’re only missing one tooth or several teeth. Your dentist can fit you with as many or as little implants as you need. Once you get fitted with your implants, you can pretty much forget about them and go about your day. Unlike dentures, there’s no glue involved and you don’t have to take them out at night. Dentists at Reston Dental Care often tell their patients to think of implants as getting a brand-new set of teeth.

2. They look great

If your grandma or grandpa are conscious about how they would look after getting implants, there’s no need to worry. Implants come in different sizes and shapes and even colors so they look natural when you smile. You can match the color of your new teeth with your old ones so they all look the same. Dentists can also make sure that your implant color compliments the color of your gums. Also check– All on 4

3. Speak clearly

People with missing teeth know only too well that speaking is harder without your chompers. Enunciating every word so others can understand you can be tiring and sometimes embarrassing. With the help of dental implants, you can just carry on a conversation as normal. Get ready to talk someone’s ear off!

4. Durable

Implants are also great because you only need to get them once and that’s it. There are no future appointments involved for readjustments or new fittings. Dental implants are made to last you for the rest of your life.

5. No pain

Implants at Reston Dental Care are attached through a screw in one’s jawbone and an abutment where your teeth will later go. This procedure involves only minor discomfort. Elderly patients will feel no pain at all because anesthesia will be used the whole time. There are even some patients who say that getting a tooth removed is more painful than getting dental implants.

6. Better oral health

Missing teeth can lead to dental problems like gum disease and the deterioration of your jawbone. Because implants are placed in gaps where teeth should normally be, your gums are not susceptible to bacterial infection. Your jaw will also be stronger and healthier because implants can help stimulate the growth of bone.

7. Eat whatever you want

People who use dentures or with missing teeth are used to limited options when it comes to eating. Tough or hard foods are often off the table because they simply can’t chew on them. Dental implants are strong and are not susceptible to slipping around inside your mouth like dentures do, so you can pretty much eat anything you want without worries or a fuss.

When it comes to providing gentle, modern Reston dental care, nothing beats the team at Reston Dental Care. Let us help you get back that bright smile. Contact us today!

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