6 Cool Joint-Rolling Strategies for Advanced Smokers

Interested in bringing some culture to your high times?

Looking to add some class and want some joint-rolling help? Look no further, here are 6 cool ways to roll a joint for you. Read on for these six joint-rolling strategies!

1. How to Roll a Plumber’s Joint

Grab yourself a bamboo skewer and wrap your rolling paper around it, but you want to wrap the paper inside out! Let it dry, then get rid of any extra paper, wrapping your filter around one end of the joint.

Now, you want to start to roll a joint, but before you finish take your bamboo skewer and put it on the weed running through the joint. Finish your roll and pack the weed down, then pull the skewer out. Now, you should have an expertly rolled joint with a hollow center!

2. How to Roll a Tulip Joint

Tulip joints are a European standard and are pretty easy to roll. You’ll want to make a pencil-sized roach, then cut some glue strips to seal it up. Now, make a cone and trim it to taste.

Fill up the cone with whatever mix you like, then twist up the opening. Put your roach into the cone and seal it with more glue strips. And there you have it!

3. How to Roll a Cross Joint

First, you need two weed blends, a needle or other pointed object, and three rolling papers. They type of rolling paper doesn’t matter, but you’re invited to learn more about it! Make two rolls, one for each strain.

The first needs to be a little longer, and the second should be much smaller and a bit thinner. You want to leave the ends of both empty to help with the lighting. Now take your needle and make a hole three quarters from the base of the joint in the larger roll.

Make another hole, this time in the middle of the smaller one. Make sure the larger joint’s hole is bigger! Now, carefully insert the smaller joint into the larger one, making a cross shape.

You want to wrap the joints together using a strip of leftover rolling paper around where the joints combine. Close up the ends and light it up!

4. How to Roll a Windmill Joint

You’ll want a notecard to roll into a cone-shape, then glue it up with glue strips. Get two more note cards and roll them into long tubes, then cut a hole through the middle of these tubes and four holes in the head of your cone.

Take your two tubes and connect them through the cone, but make sure to line the holes up. Okay, now you need to connect the six rolling papers into a rectangle, then wrap it around the opening of the cone to make sure you have a good seal. Lastly, roll up four joins and slide them into the tubes and you are good to go!

5. How to Roll a Pinner Joint

Pinners are good choices if you want to conserve your stash when running low. Just roll your standard joint, but put less in, and roll it as tight as you can. It may seem simple, but it’ll still do the job!

6. How to Roll a Triple Braid Joint

This one seems more complicated than it is. To start, you want the roll three normal joints and make sure they’re similar in size. Then stack them in a pyramid and wrap one end with rolling paper.

Then carefully braid them, just like you’d braid hair. Once you have them braided, wrap the end with some more paper. Then just light up and enjoy!

High-Class Joint-Rolling Strategies

When it comes to creative joint-rolling strategies, these will get you a chorus of ‘whoa’ from your stoner pals! Pass them out and get high in style!

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