5 Helpful Tips for Living a Better Life

What does living a better life mean? Can it be defined? Or is it up to the person that has that as a goal? Every person can define what their end goal is but there are many similar ways to meet that goal.

We are here to discuss those ways and how they can work for you. It is time to start the journey to a better life.

1. Mindfulness

This is the quality of fully present and aware in the space we are in, engaged with our actions free from distraction. We are aware of our feelings and our thoughts but we do not allow ourselves to become caught in them. 

With all the constant movement in the world these days very often people forget to slow down and just exist in the place that they are. They are only worried about the “what’s next” not the now. 

By slowing down and being mindful you can bring increased calm, lowered anxiety, and higher levels of contentment.

2. Beat Yesterday

This comes down to improving every day. You shouldn’t set a specific number or amount, just that you want to beat yesterday. It can be by the smallest amount but as long as you keep yourself moving you are doing everything you need.

Keep yourself from judging and competing against others as well. The only person you want to overcome is you.

If you measure your success by the successes of others you will often find that you set yourself up for failure. 

3. Create Everyday

It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter what quality it is either. You can not get back a lost day but you can always edit something you made at a later date. 

This can easily be worked into a midday routine to recharge your mind and your body during that time that is notorious for drops in energy and focus. 

4. Get Outside, Be Active

Think about the two statements, “Be Active” or “Go to the Gym”. Which sounds better to you? I’m guessing, Be Active, I know I like the idea far more. Being active can mean so many things and it is far easier to get moving that way. 

Telling ourselves we have to go to the gym turns it into a chore or a responsibility. It’s something that we are more likely to put off because it doesn’t make us feel as good. When we put it off we feel guilty for not doing it.

Being active can be as simple as going for a good walk or riding a bike. You are moving and you are receiving the benefit of being outdoors. 

5. Consistent Routine

Creating a routine for both your mornings and your bedtime is important. If you don’t end your day in a healthy way, consistently your positive morning routine won’t have much of an impact and vice versa. 

It means small things that you take into account at both times of the day and make sure you always do them. You can break all your tasks into small compartments.

When developing a routine to wind down and prepare for healthy sleep you may find some great resources at discoverlsp.com. Aromatics and essential oils have been shown to be highly effective with calm and relaxation.

Seeing each task as an individual process helps you organize your morning, day, and bedtime. Rather than seeing the entire day at once, which can become overwhelming.

On The Road to Living a Better Life

An important concept to understand when living a better life is that bad things are going to happen at times. This is just a fact of life. It doesn’t mean you aren’t doing all that you can or that you are failing. 

Come join us at the blog for more tips and information to keep on the upward trend in your life, mind, body, and otherwise!

Kenneth Bennett Atticus

Atticus Bennett: Atticus, a sports nutritionist, provides dietary advice for athletes, tips for muscle recovery, and nutrition plans to support peak performance.