What is Sour Diesel and Its Effects

1- What is sour diesel seeds

Since the gene has only 10% indica and 90% sativa, it makes this strain the ideal choice for boosting the energy and uplifting. As the name suggests the smell and the taste of this strain are diesel and very sour. Many people don’t prefer this because of its pungent smell. 

It is often advised for people who are depressed or under treatment for bipolar disorder. The weed of sour diesel seeds is one of the strongest marijuana there is. The sour taste is present due to some amount of caffeine in the strain. The smell of the strain at the beginning is that of citrus and skunk. 

Regular use of sour diesel seeds will lead the person to chronic pain and depression. In this article, we will explain what sour diesel seeds are and the effects of smoking this strain. 

2- Smell, taste and appearance of sour diesel seeds 

In the cannabis world among regular users, the weed sour diesel seeds have made a name for itself for being the one with the strong smell and taste among all weeds. With the word diesel in its name, you cannot expect the weed to not smell like diesel. It is regarded as the one weed with the stinkiest smell. 

With the smell being so strong, when it comes to taste, there is a slight hint of lemon and other citrus taste. Because it has the lemon taste, it is named as sour diesel seeds. When the first puff has inhaled the taste that the user feels at the beginning is of citrus and lemon. As soon as the taste goes then kicks in the taste of diesel. The taste of diesel lasts for some time and which makes the smell and taste of lemon disappear. 

The looks of the sour diesel seeds are misleading, to its name. The leaves of these cannabis plants are fully green with little pink-orange pistils. The pink-orange color helps bring life into these plants. 

3- Effects of sour diesel seeds 

The effect of sour diesel seeds is precisely like any other marijuana strain that has 90% sativa. It helps the body boost energy and also engages in some brain-boosting processes. Since the THC levels are between 19-26 %, there is no doubt that this strain has to become the favorite of users globally. 

The enjoyment levels will only rise if the person gets his hands on the best and top quality of the sour diesel seeds. It is favorite among many users because after the second or third puff, the person starts getting high, and the effect of the strain can be seen. 

4- Uses of sour diesel seeds in medicines

With sativa at 90%, the strain is the best choice for people with mental disorders. As the weed helps boost the energy and makes the person high, it is usually prescribed for people who have bipolar identity disorder. 

Helps people who have depression and anxiety as the weed helps users find the positive things in life. Try not to use it often or else the benefit of treating depression, anxiety, and stress will directly become one of the main reasons for smoking sour diesel seeds. 

To finish it up

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