Types of jaw surgical treatment

Two types of jaw surgical treatment prevail in repairing problems of the jaw bone. These treatments are done when the trouble is with the face’s bone structure and cannot be taken care of by fillers and Botox. Jaw surgical procedure is considered a significant surgical treatment and even a high-level one since the surgeon functions near the nerve system that can be located in the neck location.

  • Double jaw surgical treatment

The double jaw surgery or additionally known as the two-jaw surgical treatment or bi-maxillary osteotomy. This sort of jaw surgical procedure is a form of restorative surgical procedure that entails both the top as well as the lower jaw. This is for the purpose of dealing with the jaw cosmetically and functionally through reshaping, resizing, as well as repositioning to the typical type. Individuals that get this treatment are those with a protruding mouth, defects of the jaw, asymmetric face, as well as those that have irregular bites that braces cannot remedy.

  • Jaw reduction

This type of Jaw surgery in Yanhee hospital [ตัดกราม ยันฮี, which is the term in Thai] is thought about to be a facial contouring procedure which is done in order to smoothen the individual’s jawline. It includes the cutting of some parts of the jaw bone in order to accomplish the smooth, as well as slim jawline that can make an individual appearance younger. Individuals that normally receive this surgery are those with uneven face form and with square jaws.

Recuperation from the jaw decrease in a surgical procedure

Healing time for the jaw surgical procedure depends upon which surgery the client has gone through. A general anesthetic is frequently used before the therapy. The surgical procedure period depends upon the kind of jaw surgical treatment done but can vary from 2 to 4 hours. Some people may be called to remain in the healthcare facility for at least four days for included therapy, particularly if the patient went through the dual jaw surgical procedure. Swelling might last for weeks as well as will start to look typical in 3 to 4 weeks’ time.

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