Transitioning To A Long-Term Care Facility

Is it time for someone you love to move into a long-term care facility? This transition can be difficult, even if your loved one wants to move into assisted living and understands that he or she may get better support and care. Your loved one is leaving a familiar environment — possibly where he or she has lived for decades — for a completely new one. He or she may be facing new or worsening health conditions that precipitated the move, and your loved one may be unsure or anxious about what to expect.

First, it’s important to recognize that you and your loved one may have different expectations about this transition. You may be looking at the advantages of moving to a facility where he or she will have healthy meals available, a safer living environment and companionship without recognizing the very real loss he or she is facing. Recognizing this and showing empathy during this transition can make it easier on both of you.

Next, you will likely have to downsize and get rid of some possessions before or during the move into long-term care, so help your loved one choose the items that hold the most emotional value. If he or she uses something on a daily basis, try to ensure that it can be brought along. Special keepsakes, family photographs and other heirlooms can be moved along with your loved one, or you can store them safely in the meantime.

For more information about how to help your loved one feel at home in a long-term care facility, check out the accompanying resource.

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