Here Are 5 Men’s Colognes That Women Love: 

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Are you looking for a men’s fragrance? While it’s great to smell nice, many men also wear cologne to attract women. 

And yes, certain fragrances are more attractive to women than others. This is something that you should consider especially when you’re planning a date night or will be having a night out on the town with the boys. 

Some Things to Look Out For:

So you may now be wondering how to select a cologne that will be sure to attract women. It is true that every woman has her own preference when it comes to the fragrances she likes. 

However, when choosing a cologne that attracts women, you’re not going for what the woman will like per se; you’re going for a scent that will draw women to you. 

There is a science behind using scents to attract love interests. This is based on pheromones. These are chemicals that send messages. They are produced naturally by the body and have been shown to have the effect of sexually arousing both men and women. 

For instance, it has been found that a woman’s subconscious reacts in a positive manner when exposed to the androsterone pheromone produced by men.  

Some colognes incorporate artificial pheromones to stimulate that natural attraction. Others are designed to mingle with the man’s natural scent to produce an irresistible fragrance. 

Studies have shown that women are most attracted to scents that are fruity, musky, clean, or warm. Below we share our top 5 picks for colognes you should purchase if you want to attract women. 

  • Creed Aventus 

This is hands down one of the best colognes for a blind date or night out on the town with the boys. You’ll be sure to sweep your date off her feet and leave her wanting more.

Creed Aventus’ smokey, fresh, fruity scent is sure to stand out wherever you go. It’s perfect for any occasion. You can wear it for work and still smell great for your after-work date. 

  • Tom Ford Noir 

Tom Ford Noir is another great pick. This distinctly masculine cologne is perfect if you are planning to wear it for a date or night out. The fragrance is warm and floral with some earthy tones. 

The floral scent offers a sophisticated edge to this dark masculine cologne. If you’re  looking for a long lasting, masculine scent, you can’t go wrong with Tom Ford Noir. 

  • Xerjoff Naxos 

Xerjoff Naxos is easily one of the best tobacco fragrances available on the market today. This fragrance offers a classy twist to the tobacco scent. It features a hint of fresh citrus and lavender. 

However, it is primarily a mix of smoky tobacco, vanilla, honey, and cashmeran. The scent changes the longer you wear it. It becomes deeper as time goes by. This scent is sure to turn heads when you walk past. 

  • Mancera Cedrat Boise 

This is a popular cologne that has been proven to be a favourite among many. It is an aromatic citrus cologne that is suitable for just about any occasion. The main notes of this scent include lemon, sandalwood, leather, bergamot, and cedar. 

It has some fruity notes from fruits such as blackcurrant. Given the scent’s lively and fresh tones it is sure to give you the energy boost needed to power through the day or night out. Further, the scent changes to leave a lasting woody note while the sandalwood and leather scents become more apparent. 

  • Amouage Interlude 

Amouage Interlude is another great pick for a night out on the town. This cologne offers a spicy and woody fragrance that carries quite well. It opens with a cool minty oregano fragrance. 

However, the scent releases stronger aromas over time with the combination of spices and aromatic woods including amber and frankincense. This cologne lasts for a long time. It is a great scent to wear when you won’t have much time to transition from work to your evening activities. 

There you have it. If you have a night out on the town or a blind date planned, try one of the five colognes mentioned above to sweep your date off her feet.

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