Freeing from the Drug: Your Options

Drugs cost a lot. A drug user may want to buy drugs, even if he or she does not have the money, for example, for food or housing. When the money starts to run out, the user often starts to give drugs to others. He may begin to make money by stealing or by other illegal means. He dives deeper into crime, often leading to prison. At this point, it is becoming increasingly difficult to break the cycle of drugs and crime.

The Choices You Can make

The manufacture, importation, sale and possession of drugs are criminal offenses. At present, Thailand receives most of the drugs through Estonia and Russia. Customs and police are trying to prevent the smuggling of drugs, but they are still being sold. Money is the most important thing in the drug trade. With the detox Thailand you will be able to get rid of the troubles now.

Generic drugs

  • The drugs are made from certain plants or are produced in laboratories.
  • Drugs can take many forms: solid, powder, tablets, capsules or liquid.
  • Drugs are used in many ways. They are taken orally, by snuffing, sucking in the nose, smoking in a cigarette or pipe, or by injection into a vein.

Mariahuana and hashish

Marijuana and hashish are made from the cannabis plant. They are sometimes called mild drugs. However, they cause the same harm and addiction as other drugs.

Amphetamine and ecstasy

Amphetamine is sold as a powder, tablets or solution. Amphetamine causes paranoia, for example the user may be afraid of people nearby.

Ecstasy is sold as pills, capsules and powders. Ecstasy causes a fever-like excited state that removes the feeling of fatigue. Prolonged use of ecstasy causes paranoia, depression and sleep disturbances. Amphetamine and ecstasy are rapidly addictive.

Cocaine, crack

Cocaine is made from the leaves of a coca bush. Crack is smokable cocaine. Prolonged use causes restlessness, sleep disturbances, hallucinations and depression. Cocaine causes severe mental addiction.


LSD causes intense visual and auditory delusions and unrealistic images. LSD causes damage to the brain, which causes hallucinations even years after the substance has been used up.


Heroin is made from opium poppy. Usually, heroin is dissolved in a liquid and injected into a vein. Too much heroin can slow down your breathing and cause death. Heroin quickly becomes highly addictive.

Other drugs

Adhesives and paints, as well as thinner substances mixed with paints, are also used as drugs. They cause drops and sometimes hallucinations. They are impelled, or sniffed. Continuous impingement causes permanent damage to the brain. They can never be improved.

Medicines as drugs

Also, drugs are sometimes misused for narcotic purposes. Such drugs include, in particular, sedative and invigorating drugs, sleeping pills and the gamma-like drug. The misuse of drugs is that you eat drugs unnecessarily or more than you need to. Drugs can also easily get hooked. Getting rid of them can be even harder than drugs.