Common Questions About Becoming A Sterile Processing Technician

When someone decides that they would like to work in the healthcare industry, there is a multitude of jobs within the industry to choose from. Many people go into the field of technician work because it takes less time in medical training than in other healthcare careers. A sterile processing technician is an example of technician work that many people find themselves drawn to. Before someone decides to go into the application process to become a sterile processing technician, there are a lot of questions that they may have.

What Does A Sterile Processing Technician Do?

A question that someone may have is: What exactly does a sterile processing technician do? The answer is the technician sterilizes all of the instruments and medical supplies that are used every day, so that they can be reused again. It is an important role in a hospital, clinic, or doctors office because it keeps the patients and medical team safe from any infections. The sterilization is done vigorously by the technician to ensure a safe medical environment.

Some of the characteristics a sterile processing technician should have are accuracy, consideration, thoroughness, and the ability to carefully follow procedures to keep the patients and medical staff safe. There are a variety of positions that a sterile processing technician can work their way up to after some time such as surgical technologist, or a clinical medical assistant. The role of sterile processing technician is always on-demand. Therefore, it provides a lot of job security in the healthcare industry.

What Courses Should Be Taken?

Before anyone can fill out an application to take the cbspd exam, there are courses that are recommended that should be taken. These courses are designed to train a person for a career as a sterile processing technician. There is a vast array of options to choose from; these courses are available online as well. In many of the courses, people are educated about the important factors that a sterile processing technician should know such as regulations and safety rules, infection prevention, cleaning, and disinfection. It is strongly encouraged that a person has hands-on experience while they are taking the course.

What Is The CBSPD Exam?

The CBSPD is a certification exam that anyone who wants to become a sterile processing technician must pass. The CBSPD is the Certification Board For Sterile Processing And Distrubution, Inc. The certification board is non-profit, and it develops, plans, and administers competency-based certification exams for disinfecting, sterilizing, cleaning, and inventory management.

The exam is made of 100 questions that are multiple choice; the exam is taken on a computer at a PSI test center. The person taking the exam has 2 hours to complete it. The passing minimum score is 70. After passing the exam, the “International” certification length is 5 years.

To qualify for the exam, there are a few prerequisites that need to be met such as completing 6 months of part-time or full-time hours clocked in at a clinical professional healthcare facility. Additionally, SPD activities must be carried through and verified by your supervisor on the exam’s application.

How Long Does Training To Be A Sterile Processing Technician Take?

Becoming a sterile processing technician takes two terms to complete the sterile processing technician program. Included in the program are online work and inside of a healthcare facility training. The first term is 42 hours, the second term consists of 80 hours of practicing clinical work within a hospital or a facility that treats outpatients. Furthermore, in order to complete the entire training process, it is mandatory that a person will work for one year in a department that has sterile processing.

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