Choosing Your Perfect Option For The Essential Oil Massage Options Now

For a successful massage, it is essential to choose your massage oil according to its use and desired benefits. Indeed, to relax or relieve sore muscles, a quality massage oil must above all be of natural origin.

The benefits of natural massage oils

The most effective massage oils are extracted from seeds or nuclei and are ideal for performing different massage techniques such as pressure or enfleurage. For the essential elemental products you can visit now.

  • These oils are not dangerous for skin and health because they are completely devoid of solvents, preservatives or any chemicals. Allergic reactions are therefore non-existent with organic oils that are very gentle on the skin.
  • These quality oils nevertheless have a fairly high cost, particularly because of the scarcity of the raw materials with which they are produced.

The oil massage based on prickly pears is indeed one of the most expensive oils and conversely the coconut and apricot oils are much cheaper.

Castor oil and argan oil are also natural oils known for their anti-aging properties. Jojoba and sweet almond also have soothing properties for the skin and are used to relieve eczema and burns. Oils with a fat consistency like coconut oil and avocado oil are particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Conversely, apricot oil and argan oil are recommended for oily skin because they are quickly absorbed by the epidermis. Finally, grape seed oil is suitable for mature skin.

Sandra, director of the school, training center for well-being massages, sheds light on the essential points regarding the choice of your massage oil:

As a general rule, a quality massage oil should not leave the skin excessively bright, but it must have soothing, moisturizing and nourishing properties. To perform a quality wellness massage, your oil should not be too thick (loss of contact with the skin of the massaged) or too liquid (slips too low). The choice of your massage oil, if you are a professional, is crucial for your feeling and therefore the quality of the sequence of your massage techniques.

The interest of essential oils in wellness massage

  • Some essential oils associated with massage oils have spectacular effects in terms of muscle relaxation.
  • Indeed, the essential oil of camphor added to apricot oil is perfect for heating the muscles. The essential oils of palmarosa, patchouli, lemon and basil are also indicated to stimulate blood circulation and to feel more fit.
  • Grapefruit essential oil is also a miracle treatment for all those suffering from heavy legs at the end of the day.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding: Attention

Some essential oils are prohibited during pregnancy and can be dangerous for the health of the mother and baby.

Among these forbidden plants during pregnancy are wormwood, camphor, peppermint, parsley. In addition, for other essential oils allowed during pregnancy, it is best to wait until the fourth month of pregnancy to start aromatherapy. As part of the wellness massage if you are a professional, we advise you however to take no risk and to massage pregnant women with a neutral oil. The same goes for moms who breastfeed their children. Essential oils can momentarily give flavor to breast milk and indispose the child.

Where to get essential oils?

To have quality oils, it is best to buy the products in massage specialists. We offer in our shop several oils. Each has different virtues. Energizing, soothing or relaxing, they are perfect for a massage.

Put the amount necessary so that the effect is at its maximum, without pouring too much dose that will never penetrate completely.