Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Family

Finding the right dentist to trust with your oral health care has never been easy, mostly because dentistry is an extensive field comprised of various specialities. Thus, so many dentists are available that patients are nervous about who to choose.

When looking for a Dentist in Lake Haven go for one with whom you can have a good dentist-patient relationship.

How else do you choose a dentist? There are a few necessary requirements that your dentist should meet, including:


The location of the office should be the number one factor to consider before settling for any dentist. If you’re in Sydney, you’ll want a Sydney-based clinic; if you’re on the Central Coast, then you will probably prefer a Central Coast dentist.

Your ideal dentist should be located someplace you can easily access; maybe near your home or at least your office. The dental clinic’s days and hours of operation should be when you are available.


Get to know if the dentist accepts dental insurance. Besides the insurance, how much more will be needed to pay from your pocket?

What payment options does the dental clinic accept? Go to a dental clinic with payment options that favour your situation. Dental care can be pricey. You’d hate to see a cash-only doc for a root canal if you don’t have any savings.

Specialised Needs

Does the dentist cater to children and those with special needs? If you’re looking for a dentist to treat your whole family, be sure to choose one with a paediatric speciality for the kids.

People with specialised needs require oral health care like everyone else. Attending to people with special needs requires a compassionate dentist as the standard dental procedures are likely to be a little bit difficult.

Their ideal dentist should at least understand the issues people with special needs face and be willing to accommodate them.

Professional Qualifications

Does your dentist have the required dental skills? Other than education, the dentist should have been trained accordingly.

The dental industry is growing and advancing rapidly. Thus, your ideal dentist should have furthered their education to keep up with the latest advancements.   

Patient Recommendations

What do previous patients think about the dentist? The best way to know your potential dentist is through friends and family who already know him or her.

Ask them your important questions. When is the dentist available? How much are the fees charged at the dental clinic?. Would they recommend you to that particular dentist?

Emergency Treatments

Does the dental clinic you are considering attend to emergency cases or at least refer them elsewhere?

You should be able to contact your dentist or at least the office at any hour; night or day. Dental issues can be very painful and can sometimes require emergency treatment.  

If the need arises, your dentist should be able to see you even on weekends.

Personal Comfort

Does the dental clinic have amenities such as sedation dentistry to make you comfortable during the dental treatments?

Dental technology has advanced such that patients can now be treated effectively, efficiently and comfortably.

Enquire if the dental clinic has advanced techniques for a more relaxed dental experience. If you happen to be a patient with a particular phobia of the dentist, look for practices that boast the use of gentle dentistry techniques.


Is the dental clinic’s technology up-to-date? Technology has improved over the years to better the quality of dental healthcare.

For example, do they still use the traditional X-ray system or they have shifted to digital radiation X-rays? The traditional X-ray system exposes a patient to more radiation as compared to the digital one.


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