The Saggy Skin After Bariatric Surgery

Worried About The Saggy Skin After Bariatric Surgery? Here’s What To Do!

People who have gone through bariatric surgery often stress the loosened, saggy skin after their weight loss procedure. Some of the common causes of this loosened skin are genetics, the inches you have lost off of your body, etc. As a person loses a significant amount of weight and excess skin after bariatric surgery, it is normal for them to seek ways to restore it.

How To Tighten Skin After Bariatric Surgery?

Those who have undergone this procedure or considering it are often seeking ways for skin tightening after bariatric surgery. One of the significant ways is by taking a balanced diet and including the appropriate amounts of vitamins and nutrients in your diet that support the body’s healing and work on providing you with a better-textured skin.

Also, there are several other ways to tighten the skin with topical application of creams and ointments. Some people even opt for massages that can help in improving the saggy looking skin. A specialist in bariatric surgery in West Texas may help you with the different types of available treatments.

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Some Safe Ways To Tighten Skin After Bariatric Surgery

  • Sip in some green tea: Green tea has adequate amounts of catechins that act as antioxidants and are highly beneficial for getting rid of the inflammation. This also works wonderfully in managing the damage caused to the cells.
  • Biotin Intake: If you have been suffering from skin issues such as scaling, alopecia or dermatitis, then there are high chances that you may be suffering from biotin deficiency. It is available in the form of water-soluble Vitamin-B which is commonly known as Vitamin-H.If you are sceptical about this, you may get help from a specialist in bariatric surgery in West Texas.
  • Get Plenty Of Vitamin A, C and E: When someone suffers from cellular damage, this set of vitamins helps repair the skin. Vitamin A is responsible for moisturizing the lowermost layer of the skin, Vitamin C helps in preserving and protecting the skin fibres, and Vitamin E is excellent for securing your skin from solar damage.