Things to know about erectile dysfunction for men

Erectile dysfunction, an overview

Erection during sexual arousal is due to the increased blood flow in the penis. The release of chemicals from nerves is responsible for this increase in blood flow. When the blood flow increases in the chambers of the penis, the muscles will relax and trap blood in those tissues. This blood pressure makes the penis firm, thus making it erect. If a person has erectile dysfunction, the nerves that release the chemicals will get weak, and the blood flow to the penis will reduce. So, these men would not be able to maintain the stiffness during the erection, and some could not even get an erection even though there is sexual stimulation. Erectile dysfunction will cause sexual dissatisfaction between the couple and will create issues in the relationship. If you are unable to erect from time to time, you may not consider it as a thing. But if the inability is persistent, you should consult with a doctor and take some medication. The most commonly used drug for erectile dysfunction is Viagra. You can consult with a doctor for the dosages and buy Viagra onlineto try it out. However, there will be some side effects from these drugs if you have any other disorders or medications. In this article, let us discuss the disability in detail.

What will lead to erectile dysfunction?

There are numerous causes of erectile dysfunction. Your physical condition and mental conditions will alter your sexual performance. It is mandatory to be fit both physically and mentally to get a firm erection when aroused by your partner. Some of these reasons are listed below.

Physical conditions that can cause ED

  • You will face ED if you have any issues with your heart
  • Diabetes patients will have problems with proper erection
  • High blood pressure can be a contributor for ED
  • Aging is the main factor, and people above 50 will have erectile dysfunction
  • Your smoking and alcohol drinking habits will cause sexual issues
  • Obese people will have trouble maintaining an erection
  • Men who do not do proper exercise will face the issue

Psychological conditions that lead to ED

You should be mentally relaxed while having sex. Some of the mental conditions that will make it difficult to erect are listed below

  • Mental stress due to external factors like work pressure, relationship issues, and the likes
  • Depression and anxiety due to personal problems
  • Lack of confidence
  • Low-self-esteem
  • Conflicts with your partner
  • Overthinking about sexual performance

What are the effects of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction may be common in aged men. But if a young male is facing erectile dysfunction, he will become impotent. Impotency may prevent him from getting married or having sex. Relationship conflicts are increasing because of the inability of the husband to satisfy his partner in bed. In some cases, men will face some embarrassment and hatred. Erectile dysfunction is one of the reasons for the lack of self-confidence and self-esteem in most men. 

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