The Importance of Undertaking a Chlamydia Test

This disease doesn’t appear with any early signs and symptoms. But, as we all know that having unprotected sexual intercourse with more than one partner can put the individual at a risk of developing this condition. More often than not, the individuals falling in the age category of 15-30 years develop this condition. It hardly matters that what is the type of sex, it may be vaginal, anal or oral, and any of these can lead to the development of this disease condition. The sexually active individuals below the age of 30 years fall most prone to this disease.

All you should know about Chlamydia test kit

A Chlamydia test kitis used in the clinics, now also available for home testing to know whether the individual is positive for the test or not. If the individual is sensitive about leaking such information to any of his mates or family then, he can undertake the home testing. These test kits are easily available online and the individual can purchase these. There are many options available under these test kits and, the person can select the most reliable way of testing. If the person is positive, there is no need to be worried. Treatment is possible these days and can be easily started.

It is well known that Chlamydia is a silent disease. It doesn’t present with any hardcore symptoms at first and which is why the patients usually mistake its symptoms with other diseases. Changing sexual partners quite often and having unprotected intercourse can lead to the development of this disease. If you know that you are affected with the disease, do not engage in sexual activities before getting properly treated and without the advise of your doctor. Moreover, you should make it a habit to have protected sexual intercourse.

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Women especially should be very careful if they develop this disease because it leads to inevitable infertility. If this disease occurs at the time of pregnancy, it might be fatal for the baby or it might cause him/her chronic problems like eye disease, lung problems, etc. Even if you have a monogamous relationship, it is important to protect yourself and your partner from developing the disease. Therefore, you must openly discuss everything and remember to take precautions when you indulge in any sexual activity with them. A doctor must be consulted when you develop the disease but testing is possible with full privacy at home.

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