Right Jawline Filling Options for You

It is genetically determined whether you have narrow or thick lips.  In addition, aging also has a major impact on your lips. Your lips lose more and more volume with age.  Due to volume loss, the lip becomes longer, starts to fall in and becomes narrower. Such an ‘old’ mouth with narrow lips gives an acidic appearance, which you often see with elderly women.  And nobody wants that, and certainly not at a young age.

 It is therefore logical that narrow lips are not popular.  And very disappointing for people with narrow lips. But luckily there are also several solutions to this ‘problem’.  From good care to make-up tricks and in the worst case: injections. Below you can read all options for getting fuller lips. The jawline filler London happens to be there now.

Fuller lips due to proper care

 Proper care is always at the basis of all tips regarding beauty.  Taking good care of your lips is also very important. First of all, keep your lips as soft and shiny as possible by greasing them regularly with a lip balm or vaseline.  Moreover, you almost never suffer from lip flakes.

In addition, a little trick that you may not know yet: scrub lips.  Exfoliating stimulates blood circulation, making your lips softer and slightly fuller.  Please note: you do not scrub your lips with a normal scrub, which is much too coarse for the skin of your lips.  Therefore, use a special lip scrub. By the way, you can also gently move your lips over your lips every time before or after brushing your teeth.  This gives about the same effect as a lip scrub and is free.

Fuller lips through makeup tricks

With a somewhat brighter lipstick you can make your lips look fuller. Anyone who wants fuller lips will come a long way with makeup.  If you are a lipstick lover then we have the following tip for you: prefer not to use a very dark lipstick color, because it makes your lips appear narrower instead of fuller.  Bright colors such as pink and red do have a good effect. And if you don’t like that bright color, you can choose a color that looks like your own lip color for a more natural effect.

 A trick to make your lips bigger with lipstick is not to apply the lipstick exactly between the lines of your lips, but just above it.  Make sure you do not apply the lipstick too far above your lip line, otherwise it will stand out and that is ugly. If you find lipstick too intense, then we recommend a lip gloss, one that comes close to your own lip color and otherwise a transparent one.  Thanks to the striking gloss of lip gloss, your lips will definitely look fuller.