Why You Should Not Take Weed In The Place Of Work

Users of weed will highlight the positivity and the effect it brings to the sick. You’ll hear why cannabis is a creative platform and how you can feel its relaxation effects. That’s if you buy from accredited stores such as Pennsylvania marijuana medical dispensary.

You will only hear about the goodness of weed without highlighting the negatives. But the reality is the relaxation effect the cumulative creativity effect and healing, recreational, and for patients if condition. Does it mean you can use it till work? The truth is cannabis gives you a sensation in a matter of minutes but later you will suffer anxiety and even paranoia.

 Some of the effects of marijuana on the brain

When you take some marijuana either through smoking injection all edibles, you will affect the brain function. You’ll first get that motivation and the brain acts faster; but later on, you’ll suffer a mental breakdown as well as a slowdown in the mental activity. 

The effect of weed on the brain causes memory lapses; that means when you try to concentrate you can only do direct simple tasks. The more complex the task becomes, the more chaotic the results will be. It can cause temporary memory loss and you can lose focus.

Because anxiety of marijuana,you’ll bring a chaotic relationship in the place of work. The results of your work may not be consistent with the effort you put. The relationship with your bosses and workmates will suffer a serious breakdown because of your unpredictability.

Physical effects of marijuana

 Because of the poor reaction in the place of work, you will end up slower in completing tasks or faster when responding before thinking. You’ll believe that you have the drive to do some work but now and then you will postpone; going and smoking some weed.

In the end, you’ll be suffering from unfinished work, and reducing your productivity.  Depending on the workplace small accidents are bound to happen. Coordination of nerves and the brain will be tampered with and even your judgments will be impaired. This means you will be asking for her dismissal. The best thing to do is to pass through your stool suggest Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary and take your sock home where you’ll enjoy it when you’re free.

Anxiety and paranoia

The negative effect of marijuana is to suffer anxiety, in some cases lead to paranoia. At that time if you are in the office, you’ll accuse everyone of collusion and mix up things to prove your point.  By so doing you’ll produce in a visual work and cause a chaotic environment over the workmates

Stress causing substances can lead you to extend yourstress to others. You’ll be a risk to your workmates and eventually,you’ll cause more problems.  You may see things differently than when you are in a normal state.You know that you must smoke some weed, plan, and how it will work between your job and leisure. Avoid risking the lives of your workmates and yours by insisting on and workable Solutions and imaginary problems. If you’re not a heavy smoker, you can turn down all the time will be taking the marijuana. Obtain your stock from accredited stores such as Pennsylvania marijuana dispensary, and take it home where you’ll enjoy alone; for the safety of yourself and your coworkers

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