Why you Should Get Laser Treatment for External Piles 

Is a bulge around your anal region making your life difficult? Are you facing embarrassment at your workplace because of continuous itching near your anal area? One should not ignore these symptoms as these are typical signs of external piles. 

In addition to this, if you see a blood clot in the bulge that has turned purplish in color, it is an indication that the piles have become thrombosed. The resultant condition is known as a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. Although you can try to cure these with holistic remedies the results obtained would be not desirable. For external piles, now you can opt for the most advanced laser treatment!

What is external piles? 

A painful condition caused due to inflammation in one or more small veins in the anal skin that causes swelling in the anal tissues. Generally, grade III and grade IV piles are considered as external piles. 

The prime factor that contributes to the development of external hemorrhoids is incessant straining while passing stool. 

You must know the factor that distinguishes external hemorrhoids are from other hemorrhoids- the location of hemorrhoid.  Internal piles reside in the rectum while external ones remain outside the anus. 

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are not the same as those of external piles. Internal piles that once in a while bulge out of the anus and can be pushed back inside are known as prolapsed piles. External hemorrhoid remains to protrude outside the anus and cannot be pushed back manually. The exterior region of the anus is more sensitive than the inner lining of the anus. This is the reason external piles are more painful than internal ones. 

Is there any difference between the symptoms of internal and external piles?

The external piles are more painful and cause more discomfort than internal hemorrhoids. You can feel them when you touch the area around the anal region. Another difference to notice is that the external hemorrhoids are less pink in color than the surrounding skin of the region.  

Blood in stool- People suffering from this condition may see bright red blood in the outer surface of the stool. This is because the stool is passed out directly of hemorrhoids rather than any part of the gastrointestinal tract.

Formation of blood clots- This is known as a thrombosis. These occur when the blood flow is restricted to hemorrhoids. The resultant effect is extremely painful and uncomfortable. 

Laser surgery- the ideal solution for curing external piles

After a thorough in-depth exam (proctoscopy, digital rectum exam, colonoscopy, anoscopy) by the doctor to diagnose piles, the task of choosing a treatment option burdens over the patient. You can try opting for various surgical options in the hope of curing the problem permanently. You can even try making several lifestyle modifications but all these would take sufficient time to show their effects. Other than being time-consuming, the treatment option might even not prove to be quite fruitful. 

In such a scenario, luckily due to the advancement of technology even in the healthcare ecosystem, piles patients now can get permanent cure hemorrhoids within a period of just 3 days! There are numerous reasons which make laser surgery the ideal solution for curing external piles. Let’s have a look at some of them-

Benefits of laser surgery for curing external piles

  • Less invasive

External hemorrhoids can cause extreme pain and discomfort while sitting or standing.   Laser treatment for removing piles, especially external ones, is considered safe than other surgical options as there are no cuts or incisions involved. 

  • Absolutely pain-free procedure

As the whole procedure is performed under the influence of anesthesia, you’ll be unable to feel any pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. But it is suggested that you seek medical help without making any delay if you feel any kind of pain. 

  • No bleeding

The laser surgery is a bloodless treatment option that uses a laser beam instead of the scalpel to shrink the hemorrhoid tissues. Hence, there is a minimum blood loss during the procedure. 

  • Faster recovery

You’ll able to get back on your feet within 48 hrs of the surgery. You’ll be glad to know that you can return to your daily activities or work-life after resting for 2-3 days. A point to consider here is that the duration of the recovery can vary depending on the physique of the patient and the risk of complications. 

  • No complications after surgery

Reports suggest that the risk of complications such as infection at the wound-site is reduced to almost zero after a laser treatment. The problem with piles of any grade is that there is high chances of recurrences associated with it. The chances of piles occurring again are reduced considerably after the laser treatment. 

  • Performed on an out-patient basis

The laser-based procedure is a day-care procedure. This signifies that you are free to go home after the treatment after thorough monitoring by the doctor. The procedure takes a maximum of one-two hours to cure the condition permanently. This makes the laser treatment as one of the most opted out treatment options for people who are short on time and want a quick fix to the problem. 

  • No need for frequent visits to the doctor 

The procedure is performed in such a way that the frequency of doctor visits decreased to zero. Unlike other surgical options, you don’t have to run to the doctor regularly for any change of dressings. Nonetheless, if you see any bleeding or soreness around the site of the wound, visit your doctor immediately!

  • Applicable for all age groups 

Except for infants or small children, there is no limit on the age criteria for getting treated with laser-based procedures. As piles is a common ailment amongst the young population of the country, laser treatment can be an appropriate treatment option for them. 

Research shows that consuming a fiber-rich diet, drinking lots of fluids and exercising regularly increase the longevity of the effects of laser surgery. Hence, if you are undergoing the treatment then continue following the instructions even after the treatment. Visit a laser clinic today to know more about laser treatment for curing external piles!

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