Why is pharmaceutical value based selling So Important

We need to talk about quality, because nowadays the state it must guarantee the framework in which providers must provide care quality medical. It is no longer enough for the state to ensure the right to medical care, but he must ensure quality medical care. And providers, private or state, in turn, must provide services quality. It is no longer a choice, but an obligation. But it remains tower also talk about how we can do this, which unfortunately is informing the most part, a desideratum.

The Right Choices for You

How can we define quality medical care According to the ISO standard, quality is defined as “the set of characteristics of an entity, which confers the ability to meet the needs of known and potential benefits of the user”? A definition bit technical, not too much to the taste of the staff medical domain. Wonca Dictionary (World Health Organization) Family quality) defines quality in medicine family as being represented by “the best possible results obtained with the available resources and in accordance with the values ​​and preferences of his”. The definition seems to be inspired by the definition value-based medicine, which we should think about it! The quality of services offered in the medical office has two distinct components:

  • The quality of the medical act itself, which depends the level of professional training and experience care provider (doctor, nurse medical, and midwife). 
  • The quality of services provided to the patient, which it depends on how he puts his knowledge and skills in his service. Managerial intervention can be exercised on the first component, the professional one, only to the extent in which the documentary aspects are taken into account of the professional training of each member of the health care team. 

It is important to note that, in last, current, of quality, it is found in services provided to the customer only if they add up two components of quality: quality in fact, which means quality technical assistance of the services provided, professional cooking of the supplier, the conditions of work, organization of services, resources unselect. You can go for pharmaceutical value based selling in this case.

Quality in perception, which refers to the way in which patients and their families feel relieved

The second component depends on the largest customer measure. But the first is the object of study of quality management, being dependent of two components: professional, technical aspects of the medical act itself, respectively the aspects organizational, managerial, cabin activity medical care. In other words, we need medical staff well prepared, informed, equipped, financed, but also service providers, patients, well-informed, well-oriented in the medical system. 

  • Providers and their patients, if they form a team, will be able to collaborate better in order to obtain results better health. It’s actually what appears and in the chronic disease care model Care Model). Who is missing from this photo? If in the background is seen a minority corner of play, art he Ministry of Health and the House of Health insurance. 

What are they doing?

Ministry of Health creates the frame of the picture, and the Insurance House would be the pass partout that frames the photo and not it let those in the picture get out (get out of the budget!). Within other words, the ministry creates policies for development of health care in our country, namely, conceive the rules of good medical practice, and CNAS manages the insured’s money in this ways that the insured receive the best services possible for the money paid! CNAS is not the enemy anybody, they just have to make some choices in my customers insured and these choices should to be based on something, on scientific value. And sowed come to value-based medicine. 


So until in the end, quality should be imposed by the state through Ministry of Health. But a better choice would be to develop quality growth policies. Obviously, on professional associations also intervene here somewhere. Which, with funding from the Ministry of Health, the should ensure the quality, could develop the tools needed to increase quality.