Who’s Who: A Brief Patient’s Guide to the Hospital Emergency Department

When danger arises and emergency strikes, the hospital emergency department stands as the first place that comes into the minds of many. Whether it be caused by accidents, a sudden attack of illness, or self-inflicted injuries, the ER is the place specially reserved for people suffering from life-and-death situations.

But are you aware of what waits behind the doors of the hospital emergency department? Who should you consult, and who should you go to in times of needs? To guide you on your next visit, here is a list of people you should expect when visiting the ER.

  • While you wait –

Often times, while waiting at the ER, the first people you’ll meet are not medical personnel but administrative registration clerks. These are the people responsible for taking your name, verifying your identification, noting your insurance, and taking other necessary records. They are also expected to report to the nurse manager, admit patients, and attend necessary paperwork.

  • When getting the treatment –

Once it’s your turn to enter the treatment area, you will be under the careofa few medical personnel. In most cases, patients are attended by a nurse who specializes in providing care to patients with medical emergencies.

Next will be a certified physician who is trained in managing life-threatening situations and specializes in emergency medicine.

Sometimes, more complicated conditions call for the assistance of specialists, such as those specializing in cardiology, surgery, and many more.

  • When raising an inquiry –

If you’re rushing to the nearest ER and couldn’t find the right door to take, the best person to ask is no other than the security that usually roams around the premises. On the other hand, if there are some vague concepts you want to clarify or inquire about concerning your insurance, medications, and other health-related questions, there are tons of possible people you can turn to. In most hospitals, the primary nurse is considered the most accessible person to consult regarding numerous matters. It is also best to raise all your concerns during your direct.

Nothing beats a man who knows whom to turn to in times of need.Be sure to keep this list in mind to be prepared for your next visit to the nearest hospital emergency department.  Visit Friendlies.

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