Positive Affirmations- Uses And Real Impact

Positive affirmations can be easily defined as the positive statements that challenge the negativity or negative phrases by others. We meet many people in our lives that have a very negative bend of mind and way of thinking. We feel extremely bereaved and criticized in their company. However, we do not realize when we do the same behavior with others. Therefore, it is important to practice positive affirmations if we do not want to get affected by the negativity in our lives.

How to use positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are simply the positive sentences that we use repeatedly. These positive sentences play a very important role in forming our personalities in our subconscious mind. We can use affirmations in many ways to change the way our thoughts affect our personality. The positive affirmations inspire people to become better versions of ourselves and overcome the fears of self-doubt.

  1. Speak positive sentences with yourself: You must speak with yourself by using these positive sentences. Try to find some solace and start speaking some positive affirmations with yourself. In the beginning, you may feel awkward but gradually you will see the difference too. Start appreciating yourself for the positive work you do to make yourself a better person or any positive contribution you make in others’ life.
  2. Believe what you are saying: Try to use the sentences in the same way you usually speak with others. Do not frame a bookish language to compliment yourself or say a positive affirmation. Use the positive language only because you will start believing them only when you use your own words in the most realistic ways. For example- choose the language that you speak into and not what you read in the books.
  3. Write the affirmations: One more way to realize and imbibe the positive affirmations in life is By writing them. Many people have a very good habit of maintaining some diaries, journals or records of their lives to help them in recollecting the memories of their beautiful journey or just an aId to be able to remember things properly. You can use these resources to write positive affirmations. The more you write them, The more you can imbibe them in your daily routine, way of thinking and speaking.

Impact of positive affirmations:

Positive affirmations play a significant role in changing the personalities and behaviors of people. Have you ever seen or met some of the life coaches, motivational speakers, and the counselors? Are they all born with innate capabilities of speaking or thinking positively? Not really! Some of them have worked hard to attain a positive attitude in life and their experiences and learnings are the most helpful tips in changing your perceptions and attitudes towards your own life. Let us learn a few more details on the kind of impact that positive affirmations have on our lives:

  • They help in boosting our problem-solving skills.
  • They help you in managing your response in pressurized situations.
  • They enable you to deal tactically in critical situations and keep your stress under control
  • They help you in creating a positive environment in your professional and personal social circles
  • They create an aura of abundance and positivity around you that attracts other people towards you
  • They help in manifesting your thoughts clearly by decluttering the negative thoughts out and letting the positive and inspirations thoughts to stay in your mind for longer times
  • Positive affirmations help you in attaining self-knowledge, heightened sense of self-awareness and defining the real purpose in life
  • They help you in practicing the essential feelings of “gratitude” and “humbleness” towards life and humanity per se.
  • They enhance your way of thinking and broaden your perspective towards things in life. you tend to take things in a positive way rather than trying to dissuade or demean a situation.
  • They help you in accepting and understanding the flaws and weaknesses of others and thus create a society of harmony and emotional bondings.
  • They help in reducing anxiety, stress, and problems in life which have become a major cause of various diseases in human beings and that leads them to own various bad habits too such as smoking and drugs. A positive attitude helps in getting rid of these habits and other health hazards.

The power of positivity is well known and talked in the entire world but still, as humans of modern times, we need to practice a lot of positive affirmations before we exercise and enjoy the benefits of positive thinking in our day to day lives.

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