Passing Hair Follicle Drug Tests Online with Natural Methods

You are finishing up your job application interview and things could not be going any better. And just when you are about to shake your interviewer’s hand, they suddenly say “Congratulations, we would like to offer you this job. But before you start, can you take a hair screening tomorrow and we will be ready to forward your application to the next level, which is the contract signing.” That’s a total buzzkill, right?

There are a lot of people who have the same experience as you. A lot of substance users who use cannabis have researched methods to pass a hair follicle test. This way, they can make sure that they will have the opportunity that most non-users will get when it comes to finding jobs.

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You can try their methods and take an effective plan of action to not fail the screening. Everything you want to know about follicle drug testing will be tackled in this article. Take a few minutes to understand what was written here so you can walk away with the testing site with the result that you are hoping for.

Most popular methods to beat the screening test

Here are some of the most popular ways to pass a hair drug screening:

Hair shaving (almost impossible to pull off)

Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo (biggest chance to pass)

The loophole for light smokers (for people who smokes occasionally)

Do-It-Yourself home remedies (will get the best result if used with Aloe Rid)

Hair Shaving

The human hair has three layers, and the most important of the three is the cortex, where all the drug components and metabolites are trapped or stored. A hair test required more or less three months or 90 days of growth. It is how long drug components are kept in the hair.

If you shave your hair, you are removing all the traces of illegal substances that were trapped in your hair strands. When it grows, you need to be clean of drug components. If you still consume any illicit substances, the drug metabolites will enter your system all over again and will stay in your follicles.

Pros: It is cost-effective

Cons: The issue with this technique is if your hair is not long enough, the laboratory technician may decide to get a sample from parts of your body other than your head like the neck, back, chest, arms, armpits, and legs, even in your private parts. If you shave those areas for grooming purposes, the technicians can’t judge you or will they be suspicious.

If this happens, they can either delay the scheduled screening or use another method like urine, blood or mouth swab testing. If you believe that the drug test is not something to gamble your career on, consider using a detoxifying shampoo.

Detoxifying shampoo

Once your hair grows past your follicle, it is dead and the cells can’t be cleaned anymore. The cells will not be affected, by any drugs that you ingest. Specialized detoxifying shampoos are specialized products that can remove or cleanse all the drug components and toxins trapped in the follicles.

Pros: This is a very easy-to-use method. It is considered as the most reliable method available in the market at the moment.

Cons: The big problem is that most detoxification shampoos that are sold in the market today do not work. Only one product is considered as effective, the reliable Old Style Aloe Rid. For a lot of experts and previous users, if you want to know how to pass a hair drug test, this is the method you need to look at.

Important tip: you have to make sure that you are buying the old version, which is only available at the official website. The Old Style Aloe Rid is now in high demand and there is a limited supply available in the market today. If you have found it on eBay or Amazon, it is either a new style or fake; both do not work.

Note to remember: After you use detoxification shampoo, you are always at risking yourself of any forms of recontamination if you continue to use illegal substances or get in contact with contaminated items. If you want to achieve the best result possible, avoid any drugs, and replace or wash your bed and pillow, sheet, as well as other items that will have contact with your hair.

Loophole for light smokers

If you consumed or ingest a small number of illegal drugs only once within the past months, there is a big chance that the drug substance has already passed your system. Hair drug examination look for prolonged use history. If you smoked for five consecutive days, the test result could turn up positive because the screening recognizes heavy usage. The test will also show up the same screening result if you ingested at least half a gram of illegal drugs in one sitting.

Pros: The one thing that you need to do is to avoid any contact with illegal drugs before a scheduled drug screening.

Cons: This method is considered as ineffective. The loophole techniques are only effective if the amount that was ingested is way below the minimum threshold and the times you use is very low. But still, there is no guarantee that this technique will work in your favor.

Do-It-Yourself detoxification remedies

Note to remember: You need to stop using any forms of illegal drugs before you start doing DIY remedies.

Do-It-Yourself techniques are created to improve your chances of passing the follicle screening and improve the effectiveness of detoxification shampoos. It gathered good feedback from people who tried them. Between using detoxifying shampoo and DIY remedies, we recommended using detox shampoo, because it is more effective.

Pros: This technique can help improve the effect of old-style aloe rid shampoo and help you pass the screening.

Cons: Both techniques are very complex and can involve potentially toxic chemicals; that is why people need to be very careful when using them. You need to use the method with proper instructions and at your own risk.

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