Change Of Taste In Breast Milk

In newborns, the first food in the maternity ward is mother’s milk. To his taste, the baby begins to gradually get used to. A woman should know that the taste of breast milk may change. Yes.same during the day. The child will not notice a change in the taste of milk. And when a woman eats something from what is not in her usual diet during lactation, the baby may take the breast reluctantly. Therefore, mommy is better to adhere to a balanced proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Proper nutrition of breastfeeding women does not greatly affect the taste of milk and cause diarrhea in baby (ลูกท้องเสีย, which is the term in Thai). It can significantly change with the use of medicines, spices, products with a pronounced taste and aroma, as well as those in which there are nutritional supplements.

Onions And Garlic

 Breast milk will be tasty and delicious if a woman eats garlic. It helps to actively produce milk. Garlic contributes to good lactation. This fact was confirmed by English experts. Onion is also a good supplement for breast milk. After eating this vegetable, mothers notice that babies suckle longer. But the effect of onions in a nursing woman is faster than that of garlic.

Cinnamon, Sugar, Vanilla

 A lot of glucose is bad for a nursing mother. If mother eats sweets, cakes and pastries, then milk is produced very sweetly. Kids reluctantly drink such milk. And the kids like the taste and smell of vanilla in it. Cinnamon does not particularly affect the taste of mother’s milk.

Mint, Basil, Caraway Seeds, Curry, Pepper

 Milk may be bitter if a nursing woman eats spicy foods. The child can refuse such food. After basil, caraway and curry, mom will have milk with a pleasant taste and smell. Also, a woman who is breastfeeding can drink mint tea. The taste of her milk will not change if there is a little mint. Otherwise, milk may be produced bitter.

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