A faster tanning process 

When summer is just around the corner it’s time to start getting ready for beach season, that means people are working on toning their bodies, having the perfect tans, and so on. But sometimes this can be a bit too much of physical work. You have to exercise and eat right, and doing so you have to spend weeks and weeks under the sun trying to get the perfect tan. This is exhausting, I mean the sun can do a lot of damage, especially if you’re out there almost everyday for a couple of hours. Not to mention how hot the weather is, so is there a better solution? Well there is, it’s known as melanotan 2, and with this you can cut your tanning time more than half of what you do, and just enjoy some cool winds inside, rather than sweating profusely. 

What is this? 

When it comes to tanning injections there are two types, they are both designed for the same purpose, but when we consider the second one here it is talking about altering the hormones. It is another analog of melanocyte which will stimulate the hormone development. It will naturally produce melanocyte in the purity glands in our bodies. Now when we take into consideration M1 and M2 it is not that different, M2 is more faster approach to getting the results you want. That means you have to use more, to shorten you injection course. However they are both helpful in the tanning process. 

How much should you take? 

Melanotan 2 is know to increase the speed of the tanning process, but you have to know that the dosage that you take depends on the type of your skin. There are 6 types of skin if you are a 1 you should take 30-50mg for a 3 month course, if you are a type to you should be using 20-30mg, and if you are a type 3-6 then it should be 10-20mg. This is because you have more melanin so you require less. Make sure that you take the right amount of you because you could have some serious side effects.

What are the side effects?

When you are using M2 you’ll be experiencing some side effects when you first start, the most common will be nausea, vomiting, hot flush, increased sex drive, a decrease in appetite, and these will reduce overtime. If you want to deal with this the most common way is to take the does before you go to bed. If you have any trouble with the side effects you could always split the dosage per day so you aren’t dealing with much. Overall you’ll it will go away, and you’ll be left with a great tan.

Kenneth Bennett Atticus

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