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Kai Greene | Why I will never be a weightlifter?



One of the most suitable person on the planet to provide advice and comments on sport for which he lives.

The famous Kai Greene has also made a comment about weightlifting, which many often confused with bodybuilding, so much so that their workouts are based on single throws of heavy weights, wanting to have a maximum big muscles.

“I will never be a weightlifter,” said Kai Greene, who then tried to explain the difference between these two concepts to all those who do not know:

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Ronnie Coleman | Motivation | Quotes


Ronnie Coleman | Motivation | Quotes

LIVE AS A WINNER, DIE AS A WINNER. King Ronnie Coleman, bodybuilding motivational quote.

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Winners vs. Losers | Bodybuilding quotes


Winners vs. Losers | Bodybuilding quotes

WINNERS fail but keep trying , LOSERS fail and don’t try again.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger | Think positively


Arnold Schwarzenegger | Think positively | Motivational quotes

Positive thinking can be contagious. Being surrounded by winners helps you develop into a winner.

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Mr Universe Winners List | BodyBuilding & Fitness Contest


Mr Universe Winners List

YearMr. Universe (Amateur)Mr. Universe (Pro)Miss PhysiqueMiss Figure
1948John Grimek
1949No contest
1950Steve Reeves
1951Reg Park
1952Manohar AichJuan Ferrero
1953Bill PearlArnold Dyson
1954Enrico ThomasJim Park
1955Mickey HargitayLeo Robert
1956Ray SchaefferJack Delinger
1957John LeesArthur Robin
1958Earl ClarkReg Park
1959Len SellBruce Randall
1960Henry DownsPaul Wynter
1961Ray RoutledgeBill Pearl
1962Joe AbbendaLen Sell
1963Tom SansomeJoe Abbenda
1964John HewlettEarl Maynard
1965Elmo SantiagoReg Park
1966Chester YortonPaul Wynter
1967Arnold SchwarzeneggerBill Pearl
1968Dennis TinerinoArnold SchwarzeneggerSilvia Hibbert
1969Boyer CoeArnold SchwarzeneggerJean Galston
1970Frank ZaneArnold SchwarzeneggerChristine Zane
1971Ken WallerBill PearlLinda Thomas
1972Elias PetsasFrank ZaneChristine Charles
1973Lou FerrignoBoyer CoeJean Galston
1974Roy DuvalChris DickersonLinda Cheesman
1975Ian LawrenceBoyer CoeLinda Cheesman
1976Shigeru SugitaSerge NubretCindy Breakspear
1977Bertil FoxTony EmmotBridget Gibbons
1978Dave JohnsBertil FoxSandra Kong
1979Ahmet EnünlüBertil FoxKaren Griffiths
1980Bill RichardsonTony PearsonErika Mes
1981John BrownRobby RobinsonJocelyn Pigeonneau
1982John BrownEdward KawakJocelyn Pigeonneau
1983Jeff KingEdward KawakMary Scott
1984Brian BuchananEdward KawakMary Scott
1985Tim BelknapEdward KawakJocelyn Pigeonneau
1986Charles ClairmonteLance DreherMonika SteinerHeidi Thomas
1987Basil FrancisOlaf AnnusConnie McCloskySonia Walker
1988Victor TerraCharles ClairmonteLisa CampbellSarah Staunton
1989Matt DufresneCharles ClairmonteTatjana SchollTracey Citrone
1990Peter ReidCharles ClairmonteMonika DebatinBrowny OBrien
1991Reiner GorbrachtVictor TerraUte GeiselHelen Maderson
1992Mustafa MohammadPeter ReidBernadette PriceAnita Lawrence
1993Dennis FrancisEdward KawakDeborah ComptonAli Slater
1994Nick van BeeckJohn TerilliKathy Butler-CorishSusana Perez
1995Grant ClemeshaBrian BuchananKathy Butler-CorishSusana Perez
1996Frederico FocheriniShaun DavisBillie KainePina Theodoridis
1997Grant ThomasEddy EllwoodPatricia VeldmannClaudia Mühlhaus
1998Gary ListerEddy EllwoodJulia AbelPina Theodoridis
1999Franco MaleEddy EllwoodTaylor YoungGiovanna Rosa
2000Sergei OgorodnikovEddy EllwoodOlga TikhonovaGiovanna Rosa
2001Steffen MüllerEddy EllwoodAnja TimmerGiovanna Rosa
2002Costantino CaleazzoGary ListerClaudia BianchiGiovanna Rosa
2003Hassan Al SakaGary ListerOlga TikhonovaCherie Loomes
2004Steve SintonHassan Al SakaSandra WaterschootLorena Bucci
2005Charles MarioSergei OgorodnikovDesiree DumpelAndrea Carvalho
2006Tomáš BurešSteve SintonOlga TikhonovaSilvia Finocchi Ferreira
2007Orazio SalvatoriOrazio SalvatoriAlina PopaAndrea Carvalho
2008Lionel BeyekeAlessandro SaviVivian HijikemaMaria Stukova
2009Martin KasalAlexey NetesanovLarissa CunhaDora Rodrigues
2010Miha ZupanCharles MarioValentyna YefyemchukFlora Conte
2011Paulo Lima SantosNo ContestNo ContestMaria Kuzmina
2012Andy PolhillNo ContestEvar JimenezMaria Kuzmina
2013Lee PriestFlora Conte

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Joe Weider weekend 2013 winners | Mr Olympia | Facebook cover | Awesome Body


Mr olympia winners 2013


Joe Weider weekend 2013 winners

Phil Heath

james flex lewis

Mark Anthony Wingson

iris kyle

ashley kaltwasser

 nicole wilkins

adela garcia

Dana Linn

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Mr Olympia 1974 | bodybuilding history | Mr Olympia 1974

Mr Olympia 1974

Mr Olympia 1974

The 1974 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held in October 1974 at the Felt Forum in New York City, New York.
It was the 10th Mr. Olympia competition held.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won his fifth consecutive Mr. Olympia title.
This was the first Mr. Olympia to have two weight classes, the two-class scoring system would continue until the 1979 contest.

Mr Olympia Results:

Over 200 lbs

1.Arnold Schwarzenegger
2.Lou Ferringo
3.Serge Nurbet

Under 200 lbs

1.Franco Columbu
2.Frank Zane

Overall winner

1.Arnold Schwarzenegger1000$