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Correct your posture with this simple and practical stretching

Correct your posture with this simple and practical stretching

Correct your posture with this simple and practical stretching

Nic Gregoriades has long been practiced jiu-jitsu and yoga, and has created a multitude of techniques that have improved the life of many jiu-jitsu athletes. In this video shows an interesting technique that will improve your posture.

Because of the sedentary lifestyle many people today suffer from slouch and bad posture, but with this technique you will easily make your shoulders and back to the correct position, and all you need is your belt from a kimono, but unless you have a band, you can use and a band type TRX. Try this useful stretching, and through daily practice you improve your posture.

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Tony Pearson | Posing | Video

Tony Pearson | Posing | Video

The great Tony Pearson, at the age of 55, posing on the beach. Stomach Vacuum technique at this age are very respected. Tony Pearson is amazing bodybuidling man.

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Deadlift for Girls: Why is it recommended?

Deadlift Girls: Why is it recommended?

If deadlift is not already part of your training routine, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, definitely it should be. It is practically the most effective exercise that exists because it requires the participation of almost all muscles of the body to raise the load.

An exercise which is also called “the queen of all exercises,” are especially affected lower back, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps, while other muscles work to stabilize the body.

Because of this, it’s a shame to skip this exercise, and that certainly applies to the ladies who want to improve lower body.

A huge number of advantages in the deadlift, and these are the greatest of them:

– Tight legs

– A tight butt

– Strengthened part of the lower back

– Removal of fat around the waist

– Strengthening of the heart

– Boost

– Improvement in posture

– Sexual Enhancement

These are all benefits that brings the famous dead lift, and all these can be achieved only after they overcome the technique of performing this exercise.


Poor technique of performing deadlifts with curvature of the spine, causing great risk of injuries that can cause permanent damage. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to an expert to learn how to correctly executed deadlift.

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How to increase bench thrust | Tips and Exercises


How to increase bench thrust | Tips and Exercises

It is almost impossible to imagine that someone, when you say that you go to the gym, no one asks the famous “How Try lifting the bench?”.

This exercise, although in the context of bodybuilding is for hypertrophy pectoral muscle, has become the gold standard for evaluating the overall strength of the hull.


Although the bench press can be seen from countless angles, in this article we will discuss only on the aspect of power, ie plain language – how to cram as much at the bar and then to successfully boot. So, we will talk about the most efficient technique for hypertrophy m. pectoralis, triceps, etc.

Before giving several ways and techniques to improve the bench press, a brief recap of the technique of doing … A lot of people will benefit if you start just corrected technique execution.

Basic features of the technique of doing bench press

So we can not just throw on a flat bench and immediately picked up a lot of weight. For it is still necessary to properly position the body. When we lay down on the bench, first we need to close up the blades, as something they want to catch. At the same time, upper trapezius firmly abut the bench. In this way, we create a solid foundation for lifting.

In addition, this position reduces the range of motion (the easier it will be to raise the weight if the way to go lower) and protect the shoulder from injury.

Position the leg is the next essential element. After we lay down on the bench and set back into position, our feet are relaxed and your feet are in contact with the floor. From this position we draw the foot backwards until you reach the furthest back position where our heel is still in contact with the floor. When we perform as expected, we will feel the tension in the quads. From this position, toes focus outward until you feel tension in your hips. Ideal position in which the fingers directly below the hips and directed outwards.

When we set back and legs, the final part of the convergence of the trapezius and gluteus, or achieving ports in the back (bridge). So we’re even more weight to shorten the path that you need to go.

Finally, before the lift, needs all at the same time squeeze: legs, gluteus, back, …

What catches are concerned, the optimal width is one in which the hands are positioned in the plane of the shoulders. The optimum position of the upper arm at an angle of 45 ° relative to the hull.

Now that we have mastered the technique and managed to perform the bench press in the proper form, and with such a practice derived reached its maximum, we consider how to continue to move with the attained plateau.

First, there are some techniques that are somewhat in tips & tricks, and act on the neurological basis. The first of them, which has long been known a lot of weight-, is, that the push rod upwards try to “stretch” the rod.

This increases the electrical activity of the triceps, which results in the ability to lift more weight. In addition, the eccentric phase of the movement, “stretching” rod recruit the muscles of the upper back and the muscles of the rotator cuff which all contributes to the stability of the shoulder and creating a more solid base for thrust.

The body is constantly surprising us some incredible mechanisms. Thus, if the weight is great, pressing neck in the direction of the substrate (the bench), activates the innate reflex that would allow us to raise approximately 5% more weight than we could without it.

When we talk about improving the bench press, we must mention the props that help us do that – add-ons (extensions) that are added to the rod and affect the resistance curve. A first think of the chains and rubber bands.

For a classic bench press is characterized by constant weight throughout the movement, however, muscle strength and resistance effect on muscle are not constant in every moment of movement.

Elastic bands

Elastic straps are used for strength training extensors (ie, muscles involved in bench press), because they have growing power curve in concentric phase. This means that we have the stronger the muscle shorter. The eccentric phase of the tape in fact have a negative effect forsiranih repetition.


Training with ribbons forcing trainees to accelerate the rod in the initial phase of the movement. If not, the weight will “knock” to the surface. That is why when using tape have good spotters or assistant. Using tape is recommended once every two training because frequent use can lead to tendinitis.


Chains are another tool that enables variable resistance. When using chains, is going to hand setter so that the resistance is lowest in the position where the setter weakest (lower position when the bar on the chest). As during the lifting rod rising towards the upper end point, including the more chain links and the resistance increases. Thus, the use of chains, curve resistance is equated with our natural power curve.


When you train with straps and chains, the load should be approximately 40-50% of 1RM. And with tape and with chains have a bonus rocking effect that results in the inclusion of stabilizer muscles.

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The best exercises for massive shoulders | Awesome Body


The best exercises for massive shoulders | Awesome Body

Shoulder width is appreciated both in the male, and with the fair sex. Male population is important because it forms the highest point of that famous athlete X shape. On the other hand, women shoulder width obtained the illusion of a slim waist, so that the body gets the typical feminine hourglass shape in which the narrowest part of the waist, and the body of it spreads upwards and downwards (in one of the following articles will be covered and the bottom part).

Unfortunately, the shoulder width is largely determined by bone structure, namely the length of the collar bones. A positive development is that there is something we can expand, and that the deltoid muscle. The most dramatic effect on the width of the shoulders will, therefore, have developed the outside of the deltoid, and will contribute to the overall image and other developed parts of the shoulder girdle.

Deltoid muscle consists of three heads: anterior, middle (or lateral side) and back. According to recent divisions there are seven parts of the deltoid muscle (Poliquin). In any event, it is almost impossible to do training that includes presses, and training with the withdrawal, without activating a part of the deltoid muscle. Some go so far as to opinions in the deltoid muscle should not do separately train.

I personally believe that only use deltoid as helpers in training the chest or back is not activated and does not encourage the growth side sufficiently, but the specialized training necessary shoulders.

Before we start with the very selection of exercises, it should be emphasized that the shoulder joint because of its spherical shape (mobility in all directions), very poorly protected. Therefore, it is very easy to overload or even a bad choice exercises and improper technique execution lead to injury.

After an adequate warm-up and stretching the shoulders, moving with the training …

Overhead Press

Rameni potisak

The shoulder thrust is an exercise that can be performed with dumbbells or a bar, and there are also variants with other props such as Kettlebell, then the machines for shoulder thrust, the Smith machine, etc.

With the bar this exercise can be performed so that the bar down behind your head, or in front of the head (when talking about military press-in). Thrust can be performed sitting or standing. This exercise, that movement can be considered as basic exercises for the shoulder where they activated all three deltoid heads, especially the front head.

Particularly effective embodiment the push-press, wherein a thrust in use and support legs as just before going into half squat thrust. If you do not misuse the help of leg, this way we can maximally stimulate the shoulder belt.

Another combination that I would mention the following: First, make a series of thrust from a seated dumbbell; then immediately followed by a series of standing thrust without changing weights; and at the end without a break, to do with the cancellation of the same series of dumbbell push-press. Try it!

Video presentation of performing shoulder thrust can be seen here.

Lateral raises

Odručenje bučicama

This exercise is what Americans call the “bread and butter” for the width of the shoulders. Since the vast majority (if done properly) affects secondary (side) deltoid head, directly affects the width of the hull when we look at it from the front or rear. Exercise is all the more important that all parts of the deltoid participating in various push and pull, side shoulder at least part stimulated.

Lateral raise can be performed standing or sitting. If it is done sitting, we will be able to use significantly less load than the standing version, but we so much more direct hit part of the deltoid that we want because the movement is much stricter. Except with dumbbells, lateral raise can run on the machine, or using cable or elastic bands.

The exercise can be performed and one-hand, and in particular the effective way in which performance is the body tilted to the side. Thus, we get a bigger load on the deltoid in the uppermost position of the movement, but one should be careful because it also means changing the natural curves of force that has deltoid and possible injury. The same situation when we tilt, and use elastic bands.

Video display performance lateral raises can be seen here.

Condor flight

Odručenje u pretklonu

This exercise affects almost isolated only rear deltoid head that is essential to look at the shoulder side view. It is essential, however, that the effect of exercise does not destroy the wrong movement. The movement would, in fact, should be only in the shoulder joint although in many exercisers know how to see the final part of the movement combine blades, which naturally activates spinal muscles.

Strictest movement we get when exercise is performed by sitting on the bench. So, sit on the edge of the bench and leaned forward so that our front fuselage entire execution time in contact with the upper thighs. From that point on only the shoulder joint raise the arm holding them all the time movement at right angles to the trunk. This means that the uppermost point elbows lateral movement of the shoulder (not at an angle towards the rear!).

The exercise can also be performed standing bent or lying face down on the incline bench.

Standing rowing (upright barbell rows)

Stojeće veslanje

This is an exercise in which they are primarily activated lateral delts, and participate as helpers front delts and trapezius muscles together with the rotator cuff. We grasp the bar with shoulder width or slightly narrower and we pull your elbows up until the bar reaches the chin. Elbows whole time water movement, ie the highest point.

Video display performance standing, vertical paddling can be seen here.

There are numerous variations of the typical exercises for the shoulder. Here below a few more exotic, yet effective exercises …

Arnold Press

Arnoldov potisak (Arnold press)

We sit on the edge of the bench, holding the weights so that the dumbbells at shoulder level, palms facing us, and the elbows are in a position lower than the palms. From the starting position, we raise the weights simultaneously rotating the wrist outward (pronation). In the final (top) position palms face away from us. Reverse path in the eccentric phase of the weights back to the starting position.

As the name suggests exercises, designed it himself, Arnold and reportedly claimed that it is the best exercise for shoulder he knows.

Video display performance Arnold’s thrust can be seen here.

Scott Press

Exercise is the name given by the first Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott which is struggling with a shoulder width and is therefore particularly devoted to them.

We begin with a dumbbell in polusupiniranom position (palms facing each other), and the humerus (upper arm) is directed forward in relation to the body. From that point on the upper arm while pushing up and back, stopping at about 3/4 trajectory compared with conventional shoulder thrust. In order to maintain the tension in the deltoid, and minimize the triceps, tilt weights, so that the little finger in a position higher than the thumb.

It is important to concentrate on the fact that we pull the arm as much as possible in the back while stretched out his elbows. In the final position of the hands slightly above your head.

This movement also has elements of  lateral raise (modified), so given that and the direction of movement very well activates the external (secondary) and rear deltoid head.

In the end, a few more facts about the deltoid muscle, which will help in the planning of more effective training. It was found that the deltoid muscles made ​​of sporookidajućih fibers which allows them pretty quick recovery. Therefore it is necessary to “attack” more often, that requires a higher frequency of training. They can train up to three times a week.

Training shoulders is made for so-called. trisets. Thus, the three exercises that are performed in a row without a break form a series. After such series follows a pause of 2-3 minutes and repeat the same thing for another 2 to 3 times.

Personally, I am flexible training in which a slightly higher weight and a smaller number of repetitions make several batches of a shoulder thrust (military, with dumbbells or Smith machine).

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Arnold Schwarzenegger | The secret of perfect biceps!

The secret of perfect biceps


Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps ie GUNS as they were called at that time are probably best known in human history, and rightly so. The scope of the hand that was almost 56 cm was not only the largest at that time (late 60s to mid-70s), but had the most ideal form of that era. Arnold kept to two things: simplicity and brutality. Worked exercises in building of large mass and isolation exercises for biceps.

Arnold’s favorite exercise for the biceps and the mass of the first small muscle was Cheating barbell curls ie cheating standing biceps curl with rods. This mode is used even when he was a teenager. “Cheating on a standing curl is only an exercise in mass,” one said when asked. He also loved to work and biceps curl with a dumbbell incline bench at 45 degrees to ensure the maximum extension of the biceps for maximum effect.

Shock your muscles to make a great. Arnold has always believed that the body is incredibly adaptable and can be used on the same load. He knew that even if training at a very high level of intensity will cause any new gains if everything is done the same way, with the same routines every day. Arnold was advised to “shock” the hand of all the tricks: add weight, add reps and sets, speeding up the training and reduction of rest, do new exercises even invent it.

The perfect technique. To completely isolate the biceps muscle when it comes to the crease, Arnold would advise beginners to perform the movement with his back against the wall. He believed in this movement only hands need to work and that any other muscle if you join in isolating the biceps negated this effect. He also worked rotating movement of the longest range of motion. “When you work rotation must bring your arms straight up to the shoulder. If you change the line millimeter, internally or externally, taking stress off the biceps and you will not get the same results.” Arni said.

FOCUS. Be concentrated on each repetition of each set is something that Arnold was the most important! When he practiced and was maximum skocentrisan unilateral Nothing could interrupt or distract. The head had a vision of how the body wants to have and believed that this simply means thinking favors to grow more muscle. “In my mind I saw his biceps as mountains, unbelievably great, and I imagined lifting huge amounts of weights with the superhuman muscle mass” was one of Arnold’s famous sentence.

One of the famous statement of the legendary Arnold was “Put your mind into the muscle because the power of the mind can not be underestimated.” In today’s era of the great Kai Green in the power of the mind is the most important thing in bodybuilding.