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One Life, One Chance | Lazar Angelov | Motivational Quotes



One Life, One Chance |  Lazar Angelov | Motivational Quotes

One life ,one body one chance. Awesome Lazar Angelov motivational bodybuilding quote.
Today, he is the best and most successful fitness model in the world.
Overwhelming Lazar began to help people in how to reach their maximum potential in the development of their bodies. Transformed the thousands and, thanks to his knowledge, motivation and ambition has inspired many people to persevere and reach the desired goal. He opened his own blog, where everyone has the opportunity to learn what it takes to achieve the perfect look.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger awesome motivation | Quotes


Arnold Schwarzenegger awesome motivation | Quotes

Don’t ask me what I take, ask me what it takes.

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Lee Haney never quits | Motivational quote | Positively starving


Lee Haney never quits | Motivational quote | Positively starving

If “”staying hungry”
is what it takes to win,
Lee Haney works out
like he’s positively starving.

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Frank Zane Advice | Mr Symmetry | Improve your definition

Frank Zane Advice quote


 Champions believe in themselves, even when no one else does.

Frank Zane Advice

“If you want to get high
definition and keep it for the rest
of your life then DON’T BULK UP
which entails gorging yourself
with extra calories.

Bulking up means to pack on a lot
of body weight in a hurry. Is this
productive or are you wastig
your time? My advice based on
my own experience is don’t do it.

Quality muscle takes time to develop.
It’s better to add not
more then 5 lbs of solid muscle a
year by training and eating right
than to gain 30-40 lbs of surplus
tissue, much of which is fat and
water retention.

When you train down and lose
the exess bulk you will most
likely find yourself in the same
place where you started, a year
late, a year wasted. You cannot
improve your definition this way.

-Frank Zane