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One hundred years of fitness in one hundred seconds

One hundred years of fitness in one hundred seconds

One hundred years of fitness in one hundred seconds

We are happy that we live in a time where the many different types of exercise have the opportunity to choose the one that best suits us – be it running, swimming, fitness, gym …

Exercise is not only a product of the modern age, but today we are better equipped with modern machines and people pay more attention to their appearance.

See to what a degree the fitness methods have changed from 1910 to now.

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A few tips for a faster metabolism

A few tips for a faster metabolism


A few tips for a faster metabolism

In your body there is a personal trainer that all the forces trying to spend the calories and fat. He is called metabolism and reflects everything that your body is working. A fast metabolism means more calories burned. The more calories you burn, the easier it is to lose weight. Metabolism is very grateful. No further drastic changes in order to notice the results of his work. Regardless of genetics, age and gender, and continue to have great control over the metabolism …

When you wake up

Eat a good breakfast every day

If you do not do this, your body will come to the stage of starvation and will start paranoid conserve energy. A large breakfast is a healthy breakfast. People who skip breakfast have a 4.5 times higher risk of obesity

Drink Coffee

Coffee in the morning is great for your health. Caffeine will stimulate the work of the central nervous system, accelerate heartbeat and breathing. Basal metabolic rate is 16% higher for those who in the morning to drink caffeinated beverages. If you are not a fan of coffee, select another source of caffeine.

Drink a glass of cold water

Your body will expend more calories while it will heat the water. While these calories are not significant, the cold water will speed up your metabolism throughout the day, which for you means about 1 kilogram less per year.

When you are at work

Eat protein

Proteins must be included in every meal because it helps build muscle mass. Muscles consume more calories than fat, even in a resting stage. For lunch enter about 30 grams of protein, which means about half a cup of low-fat cheese and 110 grams of chicken breast.

Drink green tea

Green tea stimulates fat burning. One research has shown that regular consumption of green tea, for a period of 12 weeks, reduced body weight by 4.6%. For even better effect let green tea to soak in water for about 3 minutes.

Eat dairy products

Dairy products are an excellent afternoon snack. Choose calcium-fortified products. Calcium stimulates metabolism. If you are intolerant to lactose, enter other types of milk fortified with calcium. Calcium supplements do not have the same effect.

When you practice

Work interval training

Surely you are always trying to lose as little time to exercise. Therefore, alternately increase and decrease the intensity of exercise. The aim of the amendment is interval training high-intensity exercise, such as for example fast running, with lighter intensity exercises, such as walking slowly.

Strength exercises doing slowly

Strength exercises are much more effective if you tense muscles and count to three before them relax. Slow motion strength training increases muscle damage. Although it sounds bad, it’s what you need. While recovering muscles, your metabolism works faster for hours after the workout.

Drink fish oil

Fish oil and fish oil supplements will accelerate fat burning. Look for a supplement containing at least 300 mg of EPA fatty acids and 200 milligrams of DHA fatty acid. Take supplements 2 hours before exercise.

When you come home

Eat fish

Oily fish, such as salmon, tuna or sardines, contain omega-3 fatty acids that regulate appetite. They will speed up the process of sending signals of satiety brain and will also speed up the process of regeneration of muscle tissue after exercise.

Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol slows the metabolism. If you are going to drink at the end of a hard day, fat metabolism will spend as much as 73% slower. Skip the alcohol, and drink only water. Also, be careful with the intake of fluids so you do not have to interrupt sleep during the night because of urination.

Go to bed early

Your body is preparing to sleep for a long time after you go to bed. Too little sleep will disrupt the balance of hormones ghrelin and leptin, which regulates appetite and energy use. It has been shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours a day have an increased risk of obesity.

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All you need to know about CrossFit
All you need to know about CrossFit

Crossfit is the principle of circuit training in which is allowed to use all the possible exercise: running, working with equipment, working with weights, medicine balls. CrossFit programs are used to increase strength and endurance. Trainings are intensive and diverse, and there are a number of different combinations of exercises that will help your body to bring in the best possible shape. CrossFit training is constantly changing and therefore our body into a situation that every day has to adapt to something new and thus activate every muscle in our body.

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Ten reasons to start exercising | awesome body


Ten reasons to start exercising | awesome body

First Reduces fatigue

If you train three times a week (ride your bike or something like that), you will be 20% more lively (rested), and your fatigue will be reduced by as much as 65%. Jogging (or brisk walking) also increases your energy supplies, which is achieved at the moment of training, when you sweat, your body improves metabolism and increases the production of dopamine in the brain to make you feel more rested.

2nd You will have a better sleep

National Sleep Foundation did a study which showed that 67% of people who regularly train sleep better than people who do not train. A little fresh air is not harmful, so will another round of running or walking help you sleep with deep sleep.

The third will improve your memory

A study done by the journal Behavioral Brain Research shows that human memory improves after one tour aerobics. This is because the body secretes a type of hormone when a person is in motion. Therefore, when the next time during the learning experience that you need a break – take the time to exercise.

4th Your creativity will increase

People who regularly train, for example, riding a fast bike ride, have a greater ability to come up with new ideas. More often go for a bike ride (or train on the bike in the house) and ideas will come.

5th Training can reduce the risk of cancer diseases

It may sound too good to be true, however, research shows that physical activity helps reduce the risk of breast and uterine cancer, however, has not yet determined exactly what type of training and how much time to spend in training to reduce the risk of developing the disease.

6th You will be happier

When a man exercise his brain increases the secretion of a substance that helps in stressful situations and helps with your nerves. Simply say, exercise helps to improve your mood! So, when you feel you have a bad day, all you need to do is to put on shoes, get out and start training.

7th will increase your self-confidence

The very fact that you know that you can endure running a few miles, or you can walk quickly in the period between 30 and 60 minutes, or to increase the weight you can lift, this knowledge will give you inner strength. Steel structure and good physical condition of the body will give you more confidence.

8th will be healthier

If you train two or three times a week, you’ll be less ill during the year. So when the next time you make the usual practice, do it with a little higher motivation and keep in mind that it helps in the fight against various harmful bacteria.

9th level will increase your endurance

Do you feel exhausted and you have pain all over your body? Give training a chance! Research shows that training helps the body to release endofiner who has a great ability to reduce the feeling of pain (and also can inspire feelings of happiness, and this hormone called natural morphine).

10th will be more productive at work

Take time to exercise! One study published in the journal Population Health Management shows that man is more productive at work if engaged in some sort of physical activity.


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Cardio for bodybuilders | Before or after weights | Depends of the purpose


Cardio for bodybuilders

Many of us have ever wondered whether it’s better to do cardio before or after weights, as in many gyms there are still a lot of confusion on this subject.

The answer depends on the purpose of each person. There is a difference between doing cardio to lose fat to enhance sports performance and to pull down the chrono seconds.

We must take into account the muscle glycogen stores. These glycogen stores in the muscles in the wake of the financial year and are worn when reserves are at a minimum exhaustion and fatigue occurs, leading to stop the workout.

Before the weights

If the goal is to get maximum results in aerobic exercise, you should be more important this year and be a secondary muscle, it is more difficult to get good muscle if training is done without power. Therefore, it will be recommended that you first exercise is done to increase aerobic capacity and muscle training later, which will be limited by the previous effort is made. Importantly, after muscular exercise cardio can be counterproductive, because stress is caused by a lack of energy, generating cortisol, a hormone that causes muscle catabolism, ie muscle breakdown.

Lazar Angelov Running
lazar angelov running

After the weights

If so your goal is to decrease body fat and increase muscle mass, exercise with weights will be given more importance and will therefore first and cardio should be after. Being the same protagonist glycogen, because this way you can give 100% in bodybuilding and once exhausted this, the body will have no choice but to pull their reserves as an energy source, ie body fat. And thereby get a more defined physique.

It is best that the cardio workout is at a gentle pace and last approximately 20-25 minutes.

Training fasting is also a very used by people dedicated to the world of bodybuilding practice, this training requires some experience for the athlete because it can lead to dizziness, fatigue, headache, etc … as it leverages lack of food during the hours of sleep and sugar levels are low, keeping getting through fat reserves. This training is recommended to be very mild and last no more than 30 minutes to avoid muscle catabolism.

Greg Plitt Running
greg plitt running
As another alternative, you could also make a medium or intense cardio later in the day, as these glycogen stores have recovered after meals and there will be much risk for muscle breakdown, an example would be weight training in the morning and run in the afternoon or evening.

This should not be confused with the warm up before weights would not be affected because it is at an easy pace and we avoid possible injury.

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Tips for good condition | Lose your weight


Tips for good condition | Lose your weight

If you get scared at the thought of exercise may be time to make a fresh look at what it means to be really active. Regular physical activity is one of the best ways to accelerate weight loss. Supports the health of the myriad of important and surprising ways, from reducing the risk of diseases of degenerative diseases to improve mood.

Some are designated as athletes: they train and compete regularly.
Others are active and in good shape, enjoy a leisurely sport, in the gym. Then we have those who do not participate in any sport but who are active in their daily lives. They run for children, riding a bike to work or walk to work.

The way to maintain fitness-for at least 30 minutes. physical activity to introduce into our daily routine.
Active regular exercise can boost weight loss and help you to enjoy the following health awards

– Reduces the risk of premature old age
– Reduce the risk of heart disease
– Reduce the risk of diabetes
– Reduce the risk of high blood pressure
– Reduce vulnerability to depression and stress
– Helps control weight
– Helps build and maintain bones, muscles, joints and balance

The truth is that any physical activity helps Maintaining muscle mass, fuel combustion and achieve a healthier body weight. Losing excess weight and achieving a low percentage of body fat, not only improves the appearance and self-esteem, but also can protect your long-term good health.

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Good Form Running | Bodybuilding Tips and Secrets | Awesome Body

Good Form Running

Good Form Running

Four simple steps to good form

1. Posture

  • Stand tall
  • Point toes forward
  • reach to the sky to reset
  • Run with your head up and keep your gaze directed ahead of you

2. Midfoot

  • March in place prior to your rn to reinforce the proper midfoot strike
  • Heel striking and overstriding cause braking
  • Landing on forefoot can strain calf & achilles

3. Cadence

  • Aim for a cadence of 180
  • To find your cadence count number of right foot strikes for 20 seconds and multiply by 6
  • Run light, and avoid pounding

4. Lean

  • Lean from ankles without bending at waist
  • Flexing at the ankle reduces unnecessary muscle strain caused by toeing off
  • Use gravity to your advantage instead of excessive muscle force

Common running form vs Good running form

Overstriding, heel-striking & bad posture
cause breaking and torque, which equates to inefficient running & leads to many commoin injuries.

Quick strides, mid foot strike, & good posture
prevent stress that causes strain & injury, while also making running more enjoyable & efficient.


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Top 10 Biggest Fitness Myths


1. Myth: It is possible to burn fat from a specific part of the body

Exercise can reduce the overall percentage of body fat, but it is not possible to control the melting fat from certain parts of the body. One study has shown that this is not nothing but a myth, when a group of people received ten weekly training program of one foot. Having passed anticipated period in which they made a plan, it was found that the fatty deposits on the second leg even more reduced than that of the foot that’s been trained.

2. Myth: It’s not a good idea to train on an empty stomach

The body burns calories even more when you are practicing before breakfast, then on an empty stomach, and this is confirmed by recent research. Regardless, the entry of water into the body can not be reduced.

3rd Myth: No pain no progress

Minor pain is okay and the pain of sore muscles is a great character, but when you have a strong pain all over the body, it is definitely not good. Pain in the joints and bones in any case can not occur because of the progress just because they could hide announcement violations that could greatly set back progress.

4th Myth: Always stretch before a workout

Stretching loosens the muscles and tendons, and they act less and less stable. Therefore, the classic way of stretching can actually spoil the training, and the only thing that is recommended is a way of stretching fast movements such as punches, which can prepare the tendons and joints of the efforts that await them.

5th Myth: lift more weight in order to increase

Rising higher weight, consume more calories than you need for a longer series with less weight. Women who have exercised greater lifting the weights, eight times, twice burned even more calories than women who practiced with a smaller increase weight with 13 reps. However, there is some truth to the myth, more fibers break during exercise and heal them more during holiday periods which produces an increase in the volume of muscle, but only under the condition that it brings more calories than the body spends in these tough training.

6th Myth: Exercising on exercise equipment is better than weights

Many exercise machines are designed for men, making it more difficult for women to take the right position for the exercise. In addition, the devices are designed to exercise the targeted muscle, which in turn burns a lot less calories than when you train with weights.

7th Myth: Running a bar is just as effective as running outside

Running on an uneven surface and against the wind, requires the activity of a large number of muscles, and consume more power, and it ultimately means that burns around ten percent more calories this way compared to running on the machine.

8th Myth: You do not need to train every day

Resting should be part of routine training, and not an alternative to training, which is usually prescribed by persons who are not even close to athletic build.

9th Myth: You do not need to train when you are sick

As long as the body temperature normal and while the symptoms are only a runny nose or sore throat, you can train. You need to listen to the signals of the body, when you’re not sure, then you should consult your doctor. Do not forget that the cold can be transmitted to others in the gym, and sometimes still better to take a break.

10th Myth: A lot of sweating is a sign that you are out of shape

It sounds illogical, but if you’re fit, your body starts to sweat more quickly. So people who are in extremely good shape, they are able to produce more sweat than people who are not. Each training the body becomes more efficient, just like the cooling system, sweating.