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Shawn Rhoden | Mr. Olympia 2016



Shawn Rhoden | Mr. Olympia 2016

For those who do not know Shawn Rhoden had a very difficult road to get to where it is now.

He was very successful bodybuilder was still an amateur unfortunately, when his father died he getting drunk, went into rehab for alcohol and finally again returned to bodybuilding and finally became a professional bodybuilder.

Right away, in his first or second year made great things, won a couple of competitions, Arnold Classic, was in the top 5, top 3 Mr. Olympia and indeed is regarded as one of the candidates who can win the title of Mr. Olympia 2016.

Last year he had this problem that was his belly bulging, probably because of the large quantities of food. Due to digestion, which is not good at this stage of definition. His body was all kept, nothing went out. That is why it is so aesthetically ugly it looked.

Is he someone who can win the Mr. Olympia 2016, of course. He’s not someone who deals with a lot of social networks, not too sociable, not the kind of guy you can sit down and talk kidding with him. But he was again very charismatic, charming and certainly one of the best bodybuilders of today.

Also Shawn Rhoden is a bodybuilder who has a minimum of pounds on stage, especially in the Mr. Olympia. But simply have great, beautiful, round muscles. When you see him on stage, he looks great.

Kai Greene had one time 15kg more than him, but when Shawn Rhoden fit next to him does not look anything less. Therefore, we say that is important that the visual effect that you get when you are on stage.

Shawn Rhoden has a beautiful classic lines of muscles, perfect pose and we see no reason why he would not be a candidate who can win mr. olympia 2016.

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They gave him 14 days of life: He survived cancer and clinical death



They gave him 14 days of life: He survived cancer and clinical death

Leon Brozovic (18) from Bjelovar Croatia 2012 revealed Burkitt’s malignant tumor which has grown in a short period of up to 20 kilograms. Medical diagnoses were bad, but Leon did not want to give up …

leon brozovic cancer

Leon got sick after a football match. In two days he got the diagnosis, but after two days they did the surgery and remained in bed for months. The disease is destroying him with 94 to just 54 kilos.

Later, I heard that I was the third person in the last three decades in Europe that is suffering from this malignant disease – says Leon.

If they were wrong in the forecast that I live half a month, then why would not longer living – tells us the story on his thinking at the hospital.

Gym became his second home.

Leon Brozovic Croatia

Undescribable feeling when, after months of lying down with the help of his father for the first time back on its feet. Then, he says, he knew that life in front of him. After seven cycles of chemotherapy Leon was out of the hospital and, as recommended by a doctor, forgot about football, and went to the gym.

Today Leon is strong young man who hewed great body and become a bodybuilder. Absence from school quickly compensated because the teachers had understanding for the struggle of life.

When I won the battle of life, I know that nothing can get in the way. Today I train every day for two hours, except Sunday, and will soon be on the competition – says this modest and cheerful young man.

Leon knows that now his dream is become a professional bodybuilder and wants to compete. Saying on good-bye ,that every person holds the keys of life in his hands and therefore should never be dropped.

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Common causes of slow metabolism



Common causes of slow metabolism

Some people can eat anything and not gain weight while on the other hand, some individuals and by looking at fast food or sweets gaining weight. The reason for such a slight weight gain is mostly hidden in genetics, but also corrupt metabolism. Those of us who eat anything usually have extremely good genes and highly functional metabolism. This means that they are much better and more quickly digested foods they are putting into their body.

However, every one of us has to take care of your metabolism so that it functioned properly. Important factors are the absorption of water, the intake of protein and fat, and a good nights sleep.

Diet have a great impact on metabolism. For example intensive diet (large caloric deficit), if the long reserve will slow down your metabolism. Even when it enters a relatively small amount of energy in the body (in terms of body type, size and weight), impaired metabolism will ensure that the target – fat-burning can not be achieved. In this situation, the body shifts into a phase of energy conservation as a measure of self-protection. This reaction dates back to the time when food was not plentiful around the man. Some theories claim that it is always difficult to lose weight after they get a significant amount. When applying the principle of substantial caloric deficit for a long time, the body enters a phase of conservation of energy and thus hinders your weight loss.

Of course some will say that professional bodybuilders always rely on a drastic diet, when you are in the process of muscle mass, and then radically reduce their weight. Of course that there is truth. But the difference is that professional bodybuilders commonly used aids (such as steroids and doping agents) to keep the thyroid gland to produce hormones continue at a high level even in the process of diet, thus enabling the process of fat loss. Therefore, do not be comparable to the standards of professional bodybuilders because these standards are definitely not valid for most exercisers.

Slow metabolism can definitely be associated with poor nutrition, but sometimes there are other factors that affect the speed of your metabolism. If you already realize that you have a slow metabolism, the next thing you need to do is to understand why this is so. Is that something that you are guilty or blame your genetics

Here are some very common causes of slow metabolism.

A very small quantity of nutrients

Diet with low calorie intake over a longer period will significantly slow down your metabolism. As already mentioned, this is a protective measure organism. Usually during a child with low calorie hands and feet become cold as a result of low supply. The body sends blood to those parts where it is most needed.

Athletes quickly when they want to achieve their goals very often make the mistake went immediately to the intensive diet. The body then there is not enough time to get used to such a drastic reduction in caloric intake, as well as the reaction occurs rapidly quenching metabolism. For this reason it is extremely important that you never start with drastic changes in diet. Smarter option is to reduce daily caloric intake by about 10-15%, which is about 300-500 calories a day. After 2-3 weeks of monitoring how your body will react, and then cut an additional 300 to 500 calories. Some experts suggest a short break from the diet of a few days to allow an increase in the hormone leptin and to your metabolism back to normal.

Very low fluid intake

Another common reason for the slow metabolism is low fluid intake. Remember, the human body is 65% water. Thus, even without any sporting activity you will lose approximately 2.5 liters of water during the day through sweat, breath and urine. Digesting food also requires water. Except in the digestion, the water is also included in the transport of nutrients, enzymes and hormones in the blood. The loss of only 2% of water causes a significant loss in strength. Therefore, we recommend a minimum intake of 3 liters of fluid a day. This amount varies depending on the height, weight and activity of the individual. A good indicator to eat enough fluids is the color of your urine, which would have a colorless or transparent.

I do not eat enough fat

Even when you’re on a diet body needs fat. While during the child needs a small amount of carbohydrates, on the other hand proteins and fats are essential for our body. Athletes make a big mistake when in the course of a child reduce fat intake to almost zero. The most important thing is to know what kind of fat you enter. Make sure you enter the primary unsaturated fat, saturated fat should enter only in small quantities. Avoid intake of trans fats.

Unsaturated fats are essential because they can not be produced by our body and are necessary for the construction of cells. They can be found in various types of fish, nuts and olive oil. On the other hand, saturated fatty acids the body can only produce as a result their input is needed only in small quantities. However, they are required to produce anabolic hormones in the body and for the absorption of vitamins such as A, E, D and K. Saturated fatty acids are found in foods such as butter, milk, beef and chicken legs.

The optimal dose of essential fatty acids is 0.8 – 1 gram per kilogram per day.

I do not eat enough protein

Fats are important, but the proteins are more important, and why?

Simply speaking, proteins are the building materials needed your body to repair damaged cells. This means that athletes should always be careful to get enough protein in their diet. Because only then the body can repair the damage that can make the muscle fibers during a hard workout. In addition, a large proportion of the energy used during the degradation of proteins that are entered. This so-called. “Thermogenic effect of food” abbreviated TEF is higher in protein, as compared to fat and carbohydrate. Therefore, the high protein diet is important when you want to lose weight. In combination with the intensive training is necessary to consume 2-2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Another common cause of a slow metabolism is the lack of sleep

Good sleep is important for brain and body in shape. While it is possible the time away enough sleep, though after a few days your body will respond to such treatment. It is important to sleep well, 8-9 hours, because only then will your body is completely renewed.

Today there are a sufficient number of studies that point to the fact that sleep is essential for the good functioning of metabolism. Too little sleep causes an increase in cortisol levels and eventually leads to the breakdown of muscle. Many people say that 4-6 hours of sleep enough and it’s all a matter of habit, but over the long term will certainly feel the negative effects of sleep deprivation on performance and holistic health.

Therefore quality sleep than 8 hours during the night and a short daytime sleep can do wonders for your concentration, sports performance and overall health.

The causes slow metabolism may be many, but only some can be influenced. Try to find mistakes that you make and to correct them. Poor metabolism can be irritating, but that’s no reason to cancel. If you fail to comply with the basis that we have provided here will surely feel the long-term positive change and to reduce the problem with a slow metabolism.

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Frank McGrath | Motivation


Frank McGrath | Motivation

Frank “Wrath” McGrath (born August 9, 1978 in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, height: 180.3 cm Weight: about 109 kg) is a IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is well known for its involvement in the firm Animal supplements, and for his role in the series of training DVDs that are sponsored by the company “Animal”.

Frank McGrath quote: I never dreamed about success. i worked for it


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Max Philisaire | awesome body wallpapers

Max Philisaire

Max Philisaire | awesome body wallpapers

Max Philisaire, the guy who brought the body to perfection. Each muscle group is developed enough and yet not too far and lost symmetry. Placed in one basket called “aesthetic fitness”, which is a sports structure of the human body that exudes aesthetics and symmetry and the closest idea of a perfect man.

Max Philisaire is actually a bodybuilder, but usually without competing ambitions and stops at levels significantly lower than those occurring one professional bodybuilder who strives each muscle group to develop a maximum, as much as possible and harmonious, with a view to overshadow all other competitors in the stage.

Max Philisaire quote: Change your mindset and your body will follow.

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Larissa Reis | IFBB | Wallpapers

Larissa Reis Poster

Larissa Reis


After my very first fitness modeling shoot my photographer asked me what I thought of the pictures.
I said HARDCORE 100%.

That is how I live my life. Everything I do, I give 100% hardcore effort. I thank my upbringing in Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia and my parents for instilling me with the core values of hard work, loyalty and inner strength.

I brought these core values with me to America from Brazil barely able to speak english and with $500 in my pocket. I came to compete with the best fitness athletes in the world. I earned my IFBB pro card in 2007 and I am proud to be the first female Brazilian to win a figure professional show in the USA.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that being an IFBB pro athlete has afforded me. I have been able to travel the world and have learned about and come to love so many different cultures. I see so much beauty in this world. My mission is to spread the word of world peace and love to everyone.

I am also grateful to work with such amazing sponsors and companies. beBRAVO, Nutrex Research, Pro Tan and Suits By Amy.

I am living my dream as an IFBB professional athlete, certified personal trainer and nutritionist. Someone inspired me to chase my dreams. Maybe I will inspire you to chase yours. Chase them Hardcore 100%.


Model – Actress

37D X 27 X 37
Height: 5’5″ Weight: 135 Hair: Blond Eyes: Honey Dress: Small Shoe: 71/2


Nutrex Research Sponsored Model
MMA Featured Model
Supplement Featured Model
Fitness Magazines Featured Model
Bodybuilding Magazines Featured Model
Glamour Magazine Model
Playboy Brazil Playmate Model
Tattoo Magazine Featured Model
Biker Magazine Featured Model


AJ Jawa George Kontaxis Per Bernal
Alex Ardenti Jennifer Chamberlin Robert Reef
Bobby Deal Jim Uhing Wagner Carvalho
Brent Allen Kasuo Okubo
Brian Moss Luca Alfieri Design
Brian Anderson Mark Thyseen
Chris Zimmerman Michael Neveux
Dan Ray Michael Palmer
Garry Miller Pavel

BIH Studio Las Vegas Scene Study/Stage Combat

– All Sports – Surf
– Working Out – Basketball
– Fitness – Handball
– Triathlon – Yoga
– Skate – Brown Belt in Jiu Jitsu
– Capoeira

Speak English, Portuguese & Spanish.


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Dave Goodin | HD wallpapers

Dave Goodin

Dave Goodin | HD wallpapers

Personal trainer Dave Goodin quote: Work hard dream big.

Download this free wallpaper for your desktop. Personal trainer Dave Godin who are committed to exercise, without the use of any bodybuilding drugs

Often, he says, there are no shortcuts to success and there is no success without hard work

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Mark Dugdale Motivation | Set short-terms goals for long-term dreams


Mark Dugdale Motivation | Set short-terms goals for long-term dreams

American IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Set short-terms goals that feed your long-term dreams

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Ed Corney Wallpaper | Free Bodybuilding Wallpaper download in HD

Ed Corney wallpaper

Ed Corney Wallpaper

Ed Corney Wallpaper

Free Bodybuilding Wallpaper download in HD

American former professional bodybuilder born in Hawaii (November 9, 1933).

Ed Corney has won the IFBB Mr. America, IFBB Universe, IFBB Masters Olympia 60+ (twice) and is a member of the IFBB Hall of Fame.

His Famous QUOTE:
“I look at myself as a piece of art. I have taken 20 years to develop my physical body into the shape it’s in right now, and if that isn’t art, I don’t know what art is.”