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Mr Olympia 1999 | Bodybuilding history | Awesome body


The 1999 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held October 21–24, 1999 at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The total prize money awarded was $311,000.

Ronnie Coleman won his second consecutive Mr. Olympia title.
Markus Ruhl placed positive for diuretics and was disqualified.
Porter Cottrell withdrew from the contest due to an firefighting accident that occurred a few weeks earlier.

Mr Olympia 1999 results

1.110,000$Ronnie Coleman555520
2.50,000$Flex Wheeler1010101040
3.40,000$Chris Cormier1515151560
4.30,000$Kevin Levrone31222325101
5.20,000$Shawn Ray29242426103
6.15,000$Nasser El Sonbaty22303024106
7.13,000$Paul Dillett273738102
8.12,000$Lee Priest454139125
9.11,000$Dexter Jackson414349133
10.10,000$Milos Sarcev545948161
11.Mike Matarazo586159178
12.Ernie Taylor666859193
13.Pavol Jablonicky636769199
14.Jay Cutler726765204
15.Jean Pierre Fux798080239
16.Markus Ruhl616069190