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Mr Olympia 2001 | Bodybuilding history | Awesome body

mr olympia 2001

The 2001 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held October 26-28, 2001 at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The total prize money awarded was $351,000.

Ronnie Coleman won his fourth consecutive Mr. Olympia title.
Jay Cutler and Markus Ruhl tested positive for banned diuretics however the results were discarded after it was discovered the drug testing laboratory employed by the IFBB was no longer designated as an official accredited lab by the International Olympic Committee.

Mr Olympia 2001 results

1.$110,000Ronnie Coleman995528
2.$50,000Jay Cutler66101032
3.$40,000Kevin Levrone1922152076
4.$35,000Shawn Ray2115212380
5.$30,000Chris Cormier1922241883
6.$25,000Orville Burke30353530130
7.$15,000Dennis James363741114
8.$14,000Dexter Jackson433941123
9.$12,000Nasser El Sonbaty414253136
10.$10,000Shari Kamali524845145
11.Melvin Anthony555659170
12.Craig Titus615862181
13.Vince Taylor776545187
14.Markus Ruhl627171204
15.Gunter Schlierkamp757776228
16.Tom Prince788386247
17.J.D. Dawodu898394266
18.Darrem Charles929484270
19.Pavol Jablonicky969794287
20.Claude Groulx949698288
21.Mike Matarazzo1019695292


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Mr Olympia 1985 | Bodybuilding history | Lee Haney Winner 1985 Mr O

Mr Olympia 1985y

Mr Olympia 1985

The 1985 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held on October 26, 1985 at the Forest National Theatre in Brussels, Belgium.

Total prize money awarded was $100,000.

Lee Haney won his second consecutive Mr. Olympia title.

Mr Olympia 1985 results

1.50,000$Lee Haney
2.20,000$Al Beckles
3.10,000$Rich Gaspari
4.6,000$Mohamed Makkawy
5.4,000$Mike Christian
6.3,000$Berry DeMey
7.Tom Platz
8.Sergio Oliva
9.Bob Paris
10.Frank Richard
11.Bob Birdsong
12.Tony Pearson
13.Wilfried Sylvester
14.John Brown
15.Jacques Neuville
16.Danny Padilla
17.Ali Malla
18.Johnny Fuller
19.Gerard Buinoud
20.Salvador Ruiz
21.Appie Steenbeek
22.Renato Bertagna
23.Sean Jenkins
24.Ben Herder