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Kai Greene | Mr. Olympia 2016



Kai Greene | Mr. Olympia 2016

Although Kai Greene, according to current knowledge, will not appear on Mr. Olympia 2016, no matter we have decided to say a few words about it because it is definitely one of the most interesting and the most popular bodybuilder.

Also we will explain some of the things which is why probably he will not compete in the Mr. Olympia 2016. We know that this year he achieved an excellent result and won a couple of arnold classics which is no small thing. He looked great even when the Cedric McMillan was so close it was hard to beat Kai Greene.

Is Kai Greene could be a potential Mr. Olympia? Yes, especially last year, but did not come in the form in which it was a week before Mr Olympia.
If he was in that form has to be a winner, because others competitors were not in perfect shape in what should be.

We do not know the reasons why Kai Greene last year did not compete, did not know the reasons why this year will not compete, because he did not give a constructive explanation.

If you ask us, we do not believe that he dropped out of the competition but definitely something weird going on with him. But we believe that he was not given up on the competition from becoming Mr. Olympia.

We are sure that Kai Greene will won first or second place in Mr. Olympia 2016, which brings very large profits of $ 200,000.00. Why give up and lose it? Last year, he could easily without fatigue along with this year to earn a minimum of $ 300,000.00. Something behind the scenes is definitely happening. We do not know what it is, and probably will never know.
Maybe in a few years when he retires.

For now we can only guess what the problem is and why Kai Greene not competing in the Mr. Olympia 2016. Is he the potential to win the Mr. Olympia in 2016? Definitely is. It’s a shame we will not see Kai Greene on the Mr. Olympia 2016.

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Phil Heath Interview | Mr Olympia Winner 2014
Phil Heath Interview | Mr Olympia Winner 2014
Phil Heath defended in Las Vegas Mr. Olympia title and fourth consecutive time he sat on the throne of the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding competitions. With the title he won a $ 250,000 prize and a beautiful 18 carat statue of Mr. Olympia bodybuilding to commemorate the 50 th anniversary of Mr. Olympia.

Listen and see his impressions after winning

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Mr Olympia 2014 results | Mr O 2014 Final Winner Phil Heath


Mr Olympia 2014 results | Mr O 2014 Final Winner Phil Heath

Mr Olympia 2014 Winner: Phil Heath

4 times Mr Olympia (2011,2012,2013,2014)

1. Phil Heath
2. Kai Greene
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Dexter Jackson

2014 Mr. Olympia Qualified

Beyeke, LionelFrance
Centopani, EvanUSA
Compton, JustinUSA
Delarosa, JonathanUSA
Elssbiay, MamdouhEgypt
Fahim, IbrahimEgypt
Greene, KaiUSA
Heath, PhilUSA
Jackson, DexterUSA
Jackson, JohnnieUSA
Kuclo, SteveUSA
Martinez, VictorDominican Republic
McMillan, CedricUSA
Morel, JuanUSA
Ntiforo, JojoUSA
Obaid, EssaUAE
Rhoden, ShawnUSA
Smalls, FredUSA
Warren, BranchUSA
Winklaar, RoellyCuracao
Wolf, DennisGermany