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They gave him 14 days of life: He survived cancer and clinical death



They gave him 14 days of life: He survived cancer and clinical death

Leon Brozovic (18) from Bjelovar Croatia 2012 revealed Burkitt’s malignant tumor which has grown in a short period of up to 20 kilograms. Medical diagnoses were bad, but Leon did not want to give up …

leon brozovic cancer

Leon got sick after a football match. In two days he got the diagnosis, but after two days they did the surgery and remained in bed for months. The disease is destroying him with 94 to just 54 kilos.

Later, I heard that I was the third person in the last three decades in Europe that is suffering from this malignant disease – says Leon.

If they were wrong in the forecast that I live half a month, then why would not longer living – tells us the story on his thinking at the hospital.

Gym became his second home.

Leon Brozovic Croatia

Undescribable feeling when, after months of lying down with the help of his father for the first time back on its feet. Then, he says, he knew that life in front of him. After seven cycles of chemotherapy Leon was out of the hospital and, as recommended by a doctor, forgot about football, and went to the gym.

Today Leon is strong young man who hewed great body and become a bodybuilder. Absence from school quickly compensated because the teachers had understanding for the struggle of life.

When I won the battle of life, I know that nothing can get in the way. Today I train every day for two hours, except Sunday, and will soon be on the competition – says this modest and cheerful young man.

Leon knows that now his dream is become a professional bodybuilder and wants to compete. Saying on good-bye ,that every person holds the keys of life in his hands and therefore should never be dropped.

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128kg vegetarian strongman VS 105kg Powerlifter

128kg vegetarian strongman VS 105kg Powerlifter

Look at the video, it’s interesting competition between vegetarians than 128 kilograms and 105 kilograms of powerlifters.

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The girl set a record, lifting 97 kg in squat

The girl set a record, lifting 97 kg in squat

“Super Girl”, ten year old Naomi Kutin, who weighs just 41 kilograms, set a world record and become so strongest of all time in the performance of the squat with free weights.

The record which was previously held one 44-year-old woman, a young Naomi knocked on Raw Unity gathering in Corpus Christi, Texas, and from that on 22 January 2012 and to date, no one has managed to make a similar exercise.

Then a ten year old girl crouched on a free weight released 97 kilograms of weight, we note that it was a deep, full squat.

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The biggest legs ever seen | Tom Platz


The biggest legs ever seen | Tom Platz

When you mention the name of the legendary bodybuilder Tom Platz, the first association at all, “the biggest and most developed legs ever seen.”


He was one of the contestants from the golden era of bodybuilding, and all the great men of that time, which still apply to the greatest legends of the sport, it tended to develop legs like Tom Platz.


About Tom Platz massiveness should not waste words, but real power “foundations” of this great figure was impressive. 238 kilograms in the squat for the vast majority of people is completely unthinkable. Tom Platz did it 23 times!

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Heavy Back Workout | Awesome videos
This video shows how Renae Thomas raises serious weight weightlifting, at one point raising one arm weight of over 35 kilograms. Not lift weights stereotype that most women are rising, but still looks feminine despite that lifted weights. For guys, if you see a beautiful woman to deal with weights, there is no better motivation for you to go to the gym!

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Are you eating enough protein | Health instructions | Awesome body

are you eating enough protein
When it comes to building muscle, all the work done in the gym is really half the battle. The other half belongs to the kitchen. Nutrition is very important when trying to improve body composition. Without the proper ingredients, no matter how much time you spend practicing, you will not get the result you want.

Are you eating enough protein

Muscles are made up of more than 25% protein (a significant amount) with up to 75% water and stored glycogen (carbohydrates). Although people quite understand that consuming adequate protein is essential for muscle development and maintenance of the masses, it is still unclear the amount of protein to consume.

There are many recommendations from very low with 50 grams of protein a day, to those amounts in excess of three times your body weight. Although in theory a good recommendation “more is better”, this is not recommended. So, how much protein you actually need for big muscles?

Frequent recommendations

American Association for the recommended daily nutrient 0,36 grams of protein for every pound of body weight. This would mean that a man of about 81 kilograms to only 65 grams of protein per day to meet the needs. The important thing to note is that these these conditions apply to those individuals who are not active, and that active people have higher requirements.

Another association that cares about strength and fitness is recommended that active people consume from 0.4 g to 0.6 grams for every pound of body weight and 0.8 g for a professional athlete. It is important that as a man active, needs also grow. So, we can say that if you try to build your muscles, you are at the top end of the spectrum.

How much is actually enough?

Popular belief is that you need to bring 1 gram of protein for every half kilogram of weight if you want to build muscles. For some this may sound a lot, but for some little. The real answer is that really depends.

Research shows that the average person who tries to build muscles can progress from 0.6 grams to about 1.1 grams of protein for every pound of weight. Everything depends on your goals, genetics, nutrition and rest, but to achieve this goal, it should be enough for most people. For example, a relatively fit man with about 80 kg should be entered between 108 g and 198 g of protein per day to gain muscle.

If you have excess weight and trying to lose weight, you need to enter as many grams as needed for desired weight, not actual. For example, a 100 kg man who wants to have 80 kg to the specific training and nutrition, bringing as it already has a 180 kg. You should know that it is very important to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats.

On the other hand, trying to gain a few kg, it would not be bad to eat a few extra grams of protein (from fats and carbohydrates) to raise calories. You may have heard that the extra protein intake unnecessary and that what the body is not used to be evicted, but it is not necessarily true. Although part is, if you try to increase your weight or size, you must enter additional calories. Then is not the time to select the ingredients – just eat!

Not all proteins are the same

One recurring question is “What is a good source of protein?”

To answer this question you must first understand that there are two types of proteins in nature: complete (all of the amino acids) and incomplete (some of the amino acids).
Simply complete proteins are of animal origin, and incomplete proteins are of plant origin. Animal protein has a high biological value (BV), which means that they are mainly used for the reconstruction and development of muscle cells.

To set standards, the eggs have 100% BV, beef has 80% BV and beans less than 50%. This means that the quality of the protein you ingest, your body will use it more effectively. As BV is concerned, whey protein can have a value of 90% to 104%, depending on the quality of processing. Those who have trouble eating enough meat and eggs, it’s a good way to increase your daily protein intake.

The only negative thing is that you might become too strong. (Negative?)

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Meat and meat products | Calories table

Meat and meat products

Food (100g)Energy (kJ)Energy (kcal)UH (g)Protein (g)Fat (g)
Kidneys (veal)5051211156
Wieners (beef + pork)135032021129
Frankfurters (chicken)108025871320
Lamb (medium fat)87521101915
Liver (veal)5751374184
Sausage (average)135532411130
Luncheon meat (pork)178042441240
Minced, mixed grill106025302019
Chicken (white meat boneless)6001440213
Turkey (white meat boneless)9702310225
Salami deli219052311747
Salami, chicken, turkey82019711614
Ham and smoked ham165338501833
Ham (cooked)114527401920
Ham and turkey - chicken5251280195

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