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Frank Zane wallpaper bodybuilding | Awesome body Poster bodybuilding

Frank Zane Poster

Frank Zane wallpaper bodybuilding

Frank Zane wallpaper bodybuilding

One of the most influential bodybuilder. Many young people who are just starting with the training they want to build a body like Frank Zane. He has probably the best symmetry and aesthetic body. At a time when all practiced for more muscle mass Frank trained to do a beautiful symmetry of the muscles.
He won Mr Olympia contest three times.

He has written many books. Each book unique motivation and instruction for healthy life.

  • The Zane Way to a Beautiful Body (1979)
  • Super Bodies in 12 Hours (1982)
  • Zane Nutrition (1986)
  • Fabulously Fit Forever (1992)
  • Fabulously Fit Forever Expanded (1996)
  • Frank Zane: Mind, Body, Spirit (1997)
  • Frank Zane Training Manual (2005)
  • The High Def Handbook (2008)
  • The Mind And Bodybuilding (2009)

Official website @ Frank Zane – 3X Mr. Olympia

Frank Zane wallpaper bodybuilding | Awesome body Poster bodybuilding

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Lazar Angelov Fitness Model | Wallpapers


Lazar Angelov wallpapers

Lazar Angelov Fitness Model  | Wallpapers

Lazar Angelov fitness model free poster and images for desktop hd.

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Frank Zane | Bodybuilder Photos | Awesome body physique

Frank Zane Images

frank zane images
Bodybuilder photos
Photo source @
frank zane images
Awesome posing Frank Zane
Photo source @
frank zane images
Frank Zane posing in nature

frank zane images
Zane best body pictures

frank zane images
Frank Zane photos

frank zane images
Awesome aesthetic body images

Frank Zane Images | Bodybuilder Photos | Awesome body physique

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Sergio Oliva | Mr. Olympia | Wallpapers

Sergio Oliva Poster

Sergio Oliva wallpaper

Sergio Oliva | Mr. Olympia | Wallpapers

Born: 07/04/1941
Nickname: “The Myth”
Location: Guanabacoa, Cuba
Weight: 111 kg defined
123 kg out of season

Sergio Oliva was a member of the Cuban national team weightlifters. While the team was in Kingston, Jamaica at the Pan American Games in 1962 and Sergio took the chance and went to the United States.

First he lived in Miami, where he worked hard physical labor and 1963rd year he moved to Chicago. He works as a police officer and a weightlifting completely switched to bodybuilding. In 1966 he won the IFBB Mr. World title the same year he performed at the Mr Olympia, where Larry Scott wins.

After that Sergio with their elongated heads full of all muscle groups, and small joints, excellent symmetry and sensational mass gaining a reputation as an invincible competitor.

Oliva 1967 years wins the IFBB Mr. Universe, and three times in a row won the most prestigious title of Mr. Olympia (1967-1969).

After losing a duel with Arnold 1972 years at Mr. Olympia, Sergio is no longer competes under the auspices of the IFBB, until 1984, when he won with 43 only eighth place in the Mr Olympia.

The same placement wins next year and so ends career of a man who wore a slightly mysterious nickname “The Myth”.

Additional comments:
Sergio Oliva is still today considered for bodybuilders with the best genetics in the history of bodybuilding. With hands bigger than his head, huge breasts, small waist and great massive thighs, Oliva is the opinion of many experts in this field, was simply-unique!

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Ulisses JR wallpaper | awesome body

Ulisses JR Poster

Ulisses JR wallpaper | awesome body

Ulisses JR wallpaper
Ulisses JR Motivation awesome body wallpaper

Ulisses  Favorite Quote – Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.

Ulisses is a celebrity trainer, professional bodybuilding champion and international fitness model. In between traveling as a celebrity trainer on the celebrity tours and movie shoots, and being featured in countless fitness magazines throughout America and Europe, Ulisses has been a master trainer and co-manager of an elite health club in New York and has also successfully run his own personal training studio gym business in New York and London.

Ulisses is known for his easy yet effective techniques, practiced by hundreds of his clients, many of them celebrities who rely on his workouts for their ongoing success as well-known ‘hot-bodies’. His personable approach and dedication to his own health and well-being plays a massive part in his success, and fitness magazines worldwide often feature his tips and exercise routines that can easily be incorporated into today’s hectic schedules.

He is a Musclemania Super Body & World Pro Champion winner! Ulisses has a training studio for clients in London and New York.

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Never Give Up Funny Images | Motivation Quotes

Never Give Up Funny Images

Never Give Up Funny Images

Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

Keep Moving Forward.

No. Don’t give up hope just yet. It’s the last thing to go. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.

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Dwayne Johnson Photos | The Rock Bodybuilding Photos Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Photos

Dwayne Johnson Photos | The Rock Bodybuilding Photos

Dwayne Johnson photos in movies

Some popular movie wallpapers, posters, photos

The most popular actor with muscles in this century. After Arnold he left the biggest mark on the tv screen.

The road to fame started competitions on TV as a champion WWv wrestler. His career is a lot had changed.
After small roles in films has become increasingly popular. The best known is the role in the series of films Fast and the Furious.

Pain and Gain 2013 bodybuilding motivation movie

Pain and gain 2013
Pain and gain 2013

For us here at awesome body has special significance movie “No Pain No Gain” with Mark Wahlberg. This movie will be a motivation for your hard workouts in the gym.

On the following pictures you can see what it looks like when The Rock has his serious training in the gym.

Dwayne Johnson photos while workout in gym

His roles in various films motivate the young people and adults to start with a healthy lifestyle.
Think about it, how he who travels from city to city, preparing for roles in films, maintains a healthy diet and regular workouts.

This is motivation enough for the other. All people have to work to live, but we can always find half an hour to do a physical training. Prepare yourself healthy meals.

The first step is to think healthy, after that, we’re always a step closer to an imaginary target.

We have prepared only a fraction of motivational images you can find on the Internet.

Dwayne Johnson photos we collected on web.

In next post you can see Dwayne Johnson images in full size.

The Rock Bodybuilding Photos – GYM Workout Images

Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) · Twitter

Official Instagram @therock’s Profile

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Mike OHearn Images | Mr. Natural Universe | Best Photo Library

Mike OHearn Images

Mike OHearn Images

Mike O'Hearn Photo Gallery

Awesome chest muscles image

Mike O'Hearn Photo Gallery

Photoshoot Mike O‘Hearn

Mike OHearn Images

Powerbodybuilding deadlift images

Mike O'Hearn Photo Gallery

Awesome pictures Mr Natural Universe

mr natural images

Mike O‘Hearn images

Mike O'Hearn Photo Gallery

Squats by Mike O‘Hearn

biceps images

Biceps grow inch

Mike ohearn pictures

Mr natural universe Michael O’Hearn

Mike O'Hearn Photo Gallery

Powerbodybuilding with chains

Michael (Mike) O’Hearn (born on January 26, 1969 is an American bodybuilder, actor, powerlifter and fitness model.
He has been featured on over 500 magazine covers, was Fitness Model of the Year seven times and claims he was a state champion in judo and tae kwon do, and was a four-time Mr. Natural Universe title holder.
He appears as the gladiator “Titan” on the 2008 revival of American Gladiators; Michael is the only individual to be a Gladiator on both the original (1989-96) ( as Thor ) and the 2008 series.

Official website @ Mike O’Hearn – Become Legendary

Mike OHearn Images | Mr. Natural Universe | Best Photo Library

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Jay Cutler image gallery | Awesome Bodybuilder Pics Gallery Download

Jay Cutler photo gallery

Jay Cutler image gallery

Jay Cutler image gallery | Awesome Bodybuilder Pics Gallery Download

Click here to see Road to Olympia Legs training rutine?
Did you get the new Jay Cutler HD Wallpaper for mobile?

Jason Isaac Cutler is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is a four time Mr. Olympia winner.

Awesome posing photos after gym workout

Cutler transformation images

Bodybuilder home pictures

Awesome Body Club collection of photos

Special motivation quotes for our Jay Cutler image gallery collection

Motivation quotes

Surround yourself with people who dream bigger than you do

What hurts you today, makes you stronger tomorrow

I had goal to be the best since day one

Competition or no competition still bustin my butt every damn day

Jay Cutler images gallery | Awesome Bodybuilder Pics Gallery Download

For more info and awesome pictures visit: